A business idea is a good idea. However, for the full development of the wings, the company needs financing. It can be obtained from various subsidies, but it also has a number of loans. Let us focus here on the smallest companies that think about development. What do you need to remember then?

Microenterprises in Poland are the majority among all companies. They work from 1 to 9 people, and although they do not generate very high profits every year at the level of international corporations, they are an important element of the economy. These profitable ones can start to grow into bigger ones, but to get there, it’s necessary to get the right resources.

How do small companies finance their development?

companies finance cash

Naturally, investments in development can be covered with funds saved in the course of business. However, the release of all savings has its downside. First of all, the company exposes itself to the turmoil associated with its financial liquidity. If you see higher expenses, it may turn out that your condition will suddenly deteriorate because funds have been invested.

That is why a loan for business development is a good choice. Thanks to it, a small company can obtain the necessary funds, and then regularly repay to pay them back. Of course, as a consequence, he will give away more, but nevertheless it is a move characterized by lower risk.

What’s more, not every company has the right resources to start the investment. Sometimes these are accumulated simply too modest in the face of higher expenses. Thus, the company loan allows then to obtain the necessary funds here and now.

A development loan – cash or mortgage?

business loan

Companies can take loans for business development, both as cash and mortgage. They differ in terms of the amount that can be obtained through them, as well as the formalities that must be met.

Cash loans are granted for smaller amounts than mortgages. Basically, the better the customer’s creditworthiness, the more money he can get. Usually, this amount ranges from a few to several dozen thousand zlotys. In the case of loans of this type, there is no need to present additional collateral, for example, sureties. What’s more, many loan companies do not require even accounting and banking documents from their clients.

We can also receive such a loan for the company online

We can also receive such a loan for the company online

On the other hand, mortgage loans are granted against mortgages and are connected with more complex formalities. You can get them when the company or the owner of the company is in possession of the property, for example, it can be a production hall, an office, but also a house. The real estate is taken as collateral and provides security. Thanks to it, we can borrow a larger sum, but in the absence of debt repayment, the creditor can take over the property. We will not take such a loan online – the establishment of a mortgage requires signing a contract at a notary’s office.


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