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Undoubtedly Reynato Maldaba is an agile platform, and the accreditation of the funds in your account will be made within 24 business hours, from the moment your application has been approved and you have accepted all the Terms and Conditions for obtaining the advance .

Depending on your bank , the money may be available in your account immediately after the loan is approved.

Depending on your bank , the money may be available in your account immediately after the loan is approved.

This is the answer you expected no? Best of all, it’s real! The immediacy with which you will be credited with silver will provide you with the possibility of having that money that you need so much but, above all, at the time you need it, without too many returns, and in your own bank account.

Now, having said all this, we tell you some aspects and characteristics of Reynato Maldaba’s advances, so that you arrive well informed when making the decision to request your advancement:

What we call “advancement” is nothing less than an Reynato Maldaba credit . In this case, it is granted by Reynato Maldaba, who is creditor; and the user or policyholder is the one who receives it as a debtor.

What are the characteristics of the advance in Reynato Maldaba?

money loan

It is important that you consider the primary characteristics of this type of loan:

  • The maximum amount awarded is $ 6000.
  • The maximum return period is up to 65 days.
  • It is granted in pesos and at fixed rates.
  • It is credited in the bank account of the holder.
  • Your return is debited from the same bank account in which it is credited.
  • The pre cancellation is free.

Of course there are requirements to obtain a loan and, basically, they are the following:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Be Argentine or foreigner with ID.
  • Have legal capacity to contract.
  • Have a minimum of six (6) months of seniority .
  • Be the owner of a bank account in one of the Financial Entities regulated by Law 21,526.

It is important that you keep in mind that when taking a loan you will have to pay of course the borrowed money, but also the interest, commissions, expenses (if any) and taxes.

The interest rate applied by Reynato Maldaba to its advances is 69% per year. And it is fixed, that is, it does not change throughout the life of the loan.

Although the rate can be modified at any time by Reynato Maldaba, such modifications may not reach the operations already specified and made with the user. Therefore, from the moment you ask for a loan, you will know for sure how much the amount you will have to repay will be. No nasty surprises.

Such as those who seek greater comfort, speed and discretion when requesting financial assistance.

money loan

The speed is one of the great reasons why online loans are booming, since all the management is done through the Internet, from anywhere; at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You do not need any guarantees to obtain it. And it is not necessary to give any explanation of what you are going to do with the requested money.

Undoubtedly, Reynato Maldaba’s advances are a healthy option, which offers you the amount you need in the safest and most transparent way, where you can deposit your trust in the same way that money is deposited in your bank account .

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Loan calculator Raiffeisen – Instant loan online Wed, 11 Dec 2019 06:39:11 +0000

The Ruffsen Bank “Calculate your loan with the loan calculator Ruffsen Bank . Compare now & get cheap loans. Calculate your rate or your loan amount here! Inform yourself at Ruffsen-Volksbank Varel-Nordenham eG. Get a first overview with our interactive calculators: from the budget planner, the loan calculator to the home renovation calculator!


Loan calculator

Loan calculator

With the calculator you can see how the loan amount, duration and interest rate affects the loan rate. It is assumed that the (effective) interest rate to be entered already includes the actual interest and all other fees to be paid. It is also assumed that the specified interest rate will be maintained for the entire term.

You can see from the large number of input options that there is no indication of loans available in your home.

The Ruffsen credit calculator shows you how the loan amount, duration and interest rate affect the loan installments. You can influence these by changing the sliders or by entering them in the corresponding input fields. The effective loan interest depends on the borrower’s creditworthiness, the loan amount, the repayment term and the market interest rate.

The costs of any securities to be paid depend on the relevant security and are not included in this calculation example, as well as any account maintenance fees. Tip: Calculate with the loan calculator and send the result to the Ruffsen consultant. The results of the credit calculator serve as a guide.

These calculations are carried out regardless of the effort.


How to calculate your balance

loan calculator

If you need external capital, then you are committed to larger projects over a long time horizon. For larger purchases, the question of financing is more complicated – for example in the construction sector. When you buy a home or a home, you will have to calculate with various additional costs, which in some cases may be up to 13% of the actual purchase price.

If you would like to know how much you actually need to spend on the purchase of a property, then use our calculation assistant for home or apartment sales. To what extent is the creditworthiness high? Our loan calculator shows you how the loan amount, duration and interest rate affect the loan amount. It is assumed that the (effective) interest rate entered in addition to the actual interest calculation already contains all the relevant target rates and that the specified interest rate is constant for the entire term.

From the large number of input options it is already apparent that there is no indication of the actual loan offers in your bank. Enter your monthly earnings and monthly spend as accurately as possible in our budget planner. Now you have a rough idea of ​​how the loan rate is going into your budget.

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Credit for 2 people | How much you can borrow Tue, 12 Nov 2019 22:24:10 +0000

The constellations that can arise in the context of borrowing are very different. While one borrower tries to apply for a loan on his own without any help, others choose a loan for 2 people right from the start. One of the reasons for this decision is that a loan with a large volume and a long term is targeted. However, it may also be that the actual borrower is aware of his weak credit rating and therefore tries right from the start to get security and stability in the loan through a co-applicant or guarantor.

But regardless of the motivation, a loan for 2 people is sought. Banks and savings banks will always welcome this type of borrowing and reward them with a particularly favorable annual percentage rate.

Which loans are suitable as a loan for 2 people?

Which loans are suitable as a loan for 2 people?

Strictly speaking, a 2 person loan can be used on any type of loan. You will not find a bank that will reject such a constellation. But on the contrary. For banks and savings banks, this type of borrowing provides additional security. A second borrower who can bring a moderate to good credit rating to the loan reduces the risk of default, since the bank receives a second contact person who will deal with problems during the repayment phase can be contacted. And why should the bank miss out on such an offer on the part of the borrowers?

When does a loan make sense for 2 people?

When does a loan make sense for 2 people?

Of course there are also situations in which a loan for two people makes sense or is even important. For example, when large amounts of credit are requested or when the term of the loan is to extend over many years. Such a loan can also be useful if you, as a borrower, do not have a credit rating that is not quite as optimal, and the bank therefore only offers you an unfavorable loan offer. The annual percentage rate is largely based on your credit rating. The better this is, the cheaper the loan will be for you. If you have an insufficient credit rating, the bank will either make no or only an expensive loan proposal. On the other hand, if you add a second person to the loan, your credit rating will increase and the offers from the banks will improve. Provided, of course, that the second person has a good credit rating.

What needs to be considered when applying?

What needs to be considered when applying?

If you want to apply for a loan for up to 2 borrowers, it is important that the second person is involved in the loan decisions as well as in the application from the beginning. After all, she is fully responsible for the loan and must therefore know what she is signing for.

At the same time, this means that not only the loan application and the loan contract have to be signed by both people. All data from both persons must also be available. You must also ensure that you have complete documentation from both borrowers regarding income, home address and consent to query Credit Bureau. Only then will the bank process the loan application and release the money from the loan.

We recommend that you discuss exactly what loan amount and what monthly installments are possible with the second borrower before signing a loan agreement. In the end, there must be enough money to cover the loan and other monthly expenses. You should therefore not calculate too tightly and always remember that a loan is usually repaid over many months and sometimes even years and that there must always be enough money to cope with unplanned expenses. On top of that, you need to be able to ensure that there is additional collateral in addition to the two applicants. In the case of large loans in particular, life risk insurance can certainly be recommended as protection.

Poor credit loans Home Equity: due to unfavorable circumstances Mon, 04 Nov 2019 06:16:13 +0000

Another type of interest is varied.

Another type of interest is varied.

Variable rate loans that can transform, and occasionally quite a bit, has changed from them. There are variable rate of mortgage interest a good example credit card offers carefully percent on balance transfers. But this is only the lively print around the envelope. The fine print suggests you get to pay 0% fascination for a year (like) and after the interest jumps to 16.99%.

There are two main types of loans you will be looking at. The first variety is just a secured debt consolidation loan. A secured loan requires you to have security, such as a car or a property. You can probably get a low interest rate rather than having to be worried about being rejected as a result of poor credit. The guaranteed loan could vary from 30 years to 5 years.
Then or she is encouraged to go for guaranteed finance if someone wants to choose cheap loans. Unsecured loans can usually be favored. Consequently, after going right through all the functions it can be said that these loans are almost useless for every person.

Type of loan

Type of loan

The type of loan you are currently taking a look at will transform your credentials – even a low buy-in, flexible or set fee. You are looking for thirty, twenty or fifteen years. You are getting an expensive home, in which case you require a large mortgage. It is possible to have a look at traditional financing, individual subprime lenders, financing or perhaps a government loan that is guaranteed. The list of possibilities is unlimited. If you are an original customer time I would suggest looking at FHA home loans. If you should be in the military, National Guard or Coast Guard take a look at VA loans.

However, with a typical heat of just 16 degrees a pot of hot chocolate prepared for the winter months, more Fahrenheit is better to have a warm coat! Everything will be worth it once the sun comes out in the spring, even though winter might be difficult at times. It is only an ideal average 73 level throughout the summer; it’s never an uncomfortable heat!

Yes, charitable Uncle Sam is giving taxpayers’ money as pacifiers for children, but, I have information, the average Joe or Maria cannot qualify. I have yet to hear of a typical citizen Bad credit rescue fund, although it is true that the government gives away billions of subsidy income. Maybe you have?

If you are looking to use the guarantee you have built-up at home, or refinance at the low interest rate you could get a loan, in spite of bad credit.

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Direct lender payday loan bad credit -Learn more about direct lender payday loans Mon, 24 Jun 2019 19:13:23 +0000 Running your own business is not easy. This applies primarily to financial issues, because not immediately the company begins to bring great profits. Sometimes an additional loan is needed to cover emerging expenses. In this case, the question will often be asked how long the company must operate to get a loan for its business.

Setting up a business is not a problem today. Things start to get complicated when it comes to financing the business. Not everyone has enough savings to cover their initial expenses. Then we can take advantage of loans offered by banks, non-banking companies, and also by loan funds. However, not every institution has convenient loans for young businesses – new companies are not very credible, which means that financing options are narrowing.

However, we will not find it difficult to get a loan anywhere – but we must know where to look for it, to find the most convenient offer for ourselves and for our company.

Visit us to learn more about direct lender payday loans

Not so long ago, banks demanded a certain period of activity from new companies. Usually, it was a period of 3 to 6 months, but it also happened that the required internship was as much as 12 months. This requirement resulted primarily from the fact that only then the bank could check the borrower’s financial situation more closely. The company is then asked to present relevant documents confirming the income and expenses incurred, for example, banking and accounting documents.

However, at present, not every financial institution requires internships from new entrepreneurs. This mainly applies to smaller amounts – up to around PLN 10,000. Then we do not have to provide any documents or security, for example, sureties. We will receive the money from the first day of our activity. When we would like to receive such a loan for a larger sum, in such a situation we will first have to provide appropriate collateral – it may be a surety, mortgage, and a blank promissory note.

Therefore, the internship does not always matter when you need loans for young business activities. Remember, however, that we will not use such offers everywhere. The easiest way to get loans without internships in loan companies, as well as in selected banks.

In our company Herrmann, we have prepared an attractive non-bank loan available to customers via the Internet – starting from the first day of operations and without the need to submit registration documents. This is an installment loan, which we can incur up to PLN 10,000 for up to 24 months. Thanks to this the borrower can choose the amount of installment that will be most convenient for him.

The application for our direct lender payday loan can be submitted online now. We invite you to read all you need to know to apply for our bad credit business loans!

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Social Entrepreneurship: the Business of Helping Thu, 18 Apr 2019 14:52:50 +0000

Social entrepreneurship is about solving latent problems of society; But what are the profits of these types of companies?

The objective of many entrepreneurs is to build a company that provides them with the necessary resources to maintain their daily expenses; besides building a future for his family. However, at present, there are many young entrepreneurs who are opting for social entrepreneurship ; that is why we explain below what it is about and if it is really a good business.

Can you change the world by earning money? Many of us have tried to solve problems that we observe in our environment; however, we have desisted not finding the resources to design a solution; or to build a solid business idea.

It is then that social entrepreneurship encompasses all those projects that have been formed as a concrete business idea; whose main objective is to respond to a social problem in their environment; that can be replicated regularly in other communities and countries that present the same problem.

But how do these companies obtain resources? Can you make money by helping others? All these questions and more, we will solve them throughout this article.

What is social entrepreneurship?

What is social entrepreneurship?

According to, which is the main digital medium of social entrepreneurship in Mexico; Comment on the following about social entrepreneurship :

They are companies focused on solving social problems with a business model that allows them to be scalable, sustainable and generate profits.

The main objective of these organizations is to solve a social need, and to do so they use business tools (utilities, investment, sales, production, marketing, etc.).

Social enterprises combine the elements of a non-profit foundation and traditional companies to create a sustainable model that addresses the most important social problems.

That is, it is about generating a product or service with the aim of providing a solution to a social problem; but through a sustainable business model, which in addition to creating its own resources; also make it a successful business idea.

Many entrepreneurs who have been working for years have mentioned that social entrepreneurship is a trend; of the generation that is known as millennials. However, despite being a coincidence that most social entrepreneurs are young; it does not mean that it is exclusive of a generational sector.

The social enterprise exclusive of the millennials?

The social enterprise exclusive of the millennials?

The generation Y which is also known as millennial, are those people who were born between 1980 and the late 90s; it is a generation that lived without the technological advances that we enjoy today; and that he was able to adapt to most of the changes that occurred.

Now, much has been talked about in the last decades of the entrepreneurs and their projects; and through technology, many of the young people’s projects that can obtain financing have taken a voice; through digital tools such as crowdfunding.

However, entrepreneurship is not a current fashion, since there have always been men and women who have a project in mind; they develop great business ideas. So the entrepreneurship and even social entrepreneurship does not correspond only to one generation; what happens is that the use of technology has allowed to give light and voice to many projects of this kind, which years ago did not have it.

It is then that technology allows these generations to be connected and informed, through social networks; where common problems of society that need to be addressed can easily be made known, as Juan del Cerro, of Disruptivo.TV, mentions:

For other generations, this was not a reality. On the one hand, the great social problems that we live today had not escalated as now, and on the other hand the lack of information did not allow us to be aware so directly of what was happening around. […]

Millennials are in a privileged place. We have all the tools to solve the big social problems. Social entrepreneurship has become a viable way to generate a change on a large scale. More and more tools and resources to develop businesses that can change the course of things, and the fact of being more connected allows us to involve other people and share our mission.

The priority is to solve social problems

The priority is to solve social problems

To develop successful social entrepreneurship projects, it is necessary to prioritize the resolution of social problems; that is to say, it is proposed to obtain profits through a fairly organized project; but these will serve to reinvest in the project, not to provide profits to entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs.

Although the spirit of helping someone else may not give you the profits you would get from developing a traditional business project; You will get the satisfaction of helping a community in need and the possibility of living unique experiences.

That is why many of today’s big businessmen can choose to develop social projects; Well, you do not need an established age and the great experience in business can serve as support and guidance.

It is then that social entrepreneurs start a project because what they want is to resolve a social problem. So the true commitment to the project is essential.

It should also be clear that many times, a social entrepreneurship project will not often be successful in a traditional company; that is why the project will not always reach all the communities that you raised at some point.

Are social entrepreneurship projects attractive to investors?

It takes a great creativity to make a social project work, because in general both investors and other companies; they look for social entrepreneurs to have quick or short-term results; that is why it is unlikely that all sectors will reach an agreement.

That is the main reason why social projects must adapt to the traditional rules of business; if they want to get investors and a certain type of advertising reach. That is why many social companies can adapt to the business world easily

At the moment the ecosystem of the social entrepreneur is in development and there is still much to be solved; to turn these projects into a profitable idea for investors and useful for communities that need to solve a latent problem.

Social entrepreneurship examples

Although because there is still not much attention in social projects, and because they do not have an important attention; However, there are examples of social entrepreneurship that have been able to achieve much through their projects. Some are the following:

Iluméxico is an example of a Mexican social enterprise, whose main objective is to bring solar energy to rural communities in our country; that do not have electric power service. The main motivation of the project then, was to solve the electricity needs of the most needy communities in the country.

In 2009, a group of 8 young engineers decided to build this social enterprise. Once they managed to land their social plan, they managed to be winners of a Santander prize for innovation; from where they obtained 500 thousand pesos for their project; according to information obtained on his official website.

This is how they managed to build a lighting and electrification program for homes, using solar energy technology. But how does your project work? Well, they developed all the necessary technology to install lighting in a house; and involve communities so that they understand how the concept works and are able to replicate the project in other houses and in other communities.

They also offer accessibility of credits so that the inhabitants of the communities can afford the installation expenses; And this does not affect your economy and on the contrary is a support. For more information you can visit its official site; of which I shared the link, above.

It was in 2012 when José Manuel Moller went to live on his own and realized how expensive it was; Make purchases for him and his other 3 friends with whom he lived. What led him to realize a true social problem that overwhelms many communities not only in their native country Chile; but from other countries too.

It is with this problem in mind, that Algramo emerges, with the purpose of creating dispensing machines; that could provide in a simple and economical way the products of the basic basket in bulk; thus avoiding the payment of packaging, marketing and others that traditional products need.

However, this project was a real challenge; because there was not yet the necessary technology that allowed a machine; Dispatch an exact amount of a product, depending on the payment made. So the first project was to manufacture the machine that was capable of that.

Thanks to the obtaining of some prizes and recognitions like Jump Chile; where the project obtained 5 million pesos; is that they began to manufacture the first prototypes of dispensing machines.

For 2014, Algramo is certified as a type B company; which have as objectives to solve social or environmental problems in a completely sustainable way. The following year, they managed to increase the amount of stores and variety of their products; and for 2016 it is that they consolidated as a Social Enterprise, likewise they managed to position themselves in the # 11 worldwide position of the Best Companies for the World.

Currently, they continue to advance in the fulfillment of their projects and obtain new recognitions and financing; to ensure that more and more communities enjoy the benefits of their projects. So if you want to know more about their projects, I invite you to visit their official website: Algramo.



Social entrepreneurship offers appropriate solutions for different social problems; not only from our country but from different parts of the world, although it is not a project that can economically reward entrepreneurs; if it gives them the satisfaction of using their skills and abilities to improve the situation of some community.

That is why this kind of projects must have the operation of a traditional company; In this way, it acquires the resources it needs to materialize the products or services; that work to solve a community.

The impetus that all these projects need to reach all the communities that need it comes hand in hand with consumers, authorities and other companies; who can help these social projects, the resources they need to accommodate all their goals and plans.


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What to invest in to grow your business Wed, 17 Apr 2019 15:40:31 +0000

When you start generating the first profits in your company; What you most want is for it to continue to grow and obtain more and better results; why investing to grow your company is more an obligation than an option; However, what you should review is what are the best options to invest in your company.

The growth of your company can take various forms, either through the acquisition of new customers; or expansion to new markets or countries. Therefore, an analysis is necessary to develop a strategy that adapts to the capabilities of your company.

That is, there is no same plan of action for all businesses; each one is developed based on the possibilities and capabilities of each company; so that, growth helps your company to consolidate in the market and increase its sales.

That is why we offer you below some of the options in which you can invest to grow your company ; and so you make the most out of the resources you have and you can multiply your profits and expand.

Why invest in my company?

Why invest in my company?

It is an achievement to get rid of expenses and debts, as well as observe the first free profits of our business; However, the challenges are just beginning, and the survival and growth of your business depends on a correct investment.

Currently a company or business can not be satisfied with obtaining constant and static profits month by month; It is necessary to perform an analysis to decide what are the opportunities that the business has to reach another market or more consumers.

So then when you have a base of fixed clients and good and constant profits; It’s time to prepare the next step for your company; in order to encourage growth and not fall into stagnation.

Options to promote the growth of your company

When we have analyzed the feasibility of growing our business, we ask ourselves what are the best options; Increase our customer base? Increase the number of sales? Or maybe open more branches ?. Although all are viable options, you must choose the one that is appropriate to the possibilities of each company; thus, the elaborated strategy will yield the results that are expected.

# 1 Make a conversion funnel

To promote growth in your company, you must know how your company managed to acquire the customers it has; If this is not the case, then it is essential to design a conversion funnel, which is also known as a sales funnel.

A conversion funnel helps you scale and grow simply and quickly; that is, to be very clear about how many prospects you get through different channels and what options you have to grow.

For example, if you have a company that sells products for bars, cafes and restaurants; being your customers stronger, the personal sale with owners of those establishments; how to apply a measurable growth strategy; It would be through other means such as digital.

That is, through a digital strategy that allows the development of other means of acquisition; as are visits and purchases to a website, and interaction on social networks.

With the conversion funnel, you will have much clearer goals to follow; the means you will use and the results you will get.

# 2 Investigate your competition

When you are planning the idea of investing to grow your company ; It is almost an obligation to observe what your direct competition is doing; in order to analyze business opportunities and learn from what they are doing well; to develop a product that is better suited to the needs of consumers.

This is your chance to attract more customers, even those who are married to your nearest competitor; You will offer a quality product that will exceed your expectations.

# 3 Find business partners

Finding strategic partners from the right companies can make a quite remarkable difference. Having a commercial ally allows you to reach a greater number of potential customers in a short time; hand in hand with a company that knows its target perfectly.

Look for companies that complement yours or that you can complement your products or services very well; Work on an attractive proposal for both and manage to increase your profits in a short time.

# 4 Use global platforms

If you are dedicated to the sale of products and want to try in the digital world; and you want to reach international markets, then you can try global internet sales platforms like Amazon.

The same happens if you have a hotel or hostel; You can offer your services through AirBnB or any other platform that allows you to make purchases globally.

How can a company invest?

How can a company invest?

Now, to get some of the above strategies to give you good results; It is necessary to make some investments within your company; like the purchase of stock, modern machinery or the services of a digital agency.

So then, what to invest in to grow your company ? Next we will give you some options; that you must take into account and analyze the relevance of allocating resources to these options.

According to the research carried out by Konfío, SMEs in Mexico that apply for a SME loan; allocate the resources to:

  • Finance an important project
  • Expand or open new branches
  • Cover the payment of debts
  • Invest in machinery and equipment
  • Invest in marketing and advertising
  • Cover emergency expenses

So then we realize that the main preoccupations Gargeryations of entrepreneurs like you; is to grow and improve your company. With this, it is intuited that invest to grow your company ; it’s about finding the points that can boost it; So then, we give you these tips:

Invest in digital marketing

At present it is very easy to find information about a product or service that we need; Simply write in our search engine the word we are looking for and we will automatically obtain results.

So then, have a Google My Business record, have a web page and be active in social networks; It can provide important benefits for your business, which can boost it to levels you had never imagined.

Therefore, if your company has not yet begun to make a mark in the digital world; it’s time for you to start doing it to reach the clients that stay connected; and they have not found the company that meets their true needs.

If you want advice on what digital marketing strategy is ideal for you; As well as the results you can get, contact us for free advice.

Invest in modern machinery

When you modernize the machinery and tool that you use for production within your company; you have the opportunity to increase the amount of production; as well as guarantee the life of your team for a longer period of time; without fearing that this may suffer a defect and delay production.

Therefore, invest to grow your company through the equipment and machinery you use; It is a great opportunity to increase your sales and expand your list of customers. Do not doubt that modernize your factory or workshop; be a good option to invest.

Invest in an emergency fund

With the recent earthquake that we lived in the center of the country, many businesses were affected; to the point of not being able to rejoin Gargeryerar not even the work team they used; that and the collapse of many buildings left us as a lesson the need for insurance and, above all, for an emergency fund; to deal immediately with this type of situation without affecting the operation of the company.

An emergency fund allows you to face natural catastrophes that can affect our company or business; and whose consequences are not in our hands. In the same way, a fund is ideal to cover the expenses of any type of emergency; that can go from the damages that suffer some of your main work teams; until a huge project that requires more investment.


Investing to grow your company is possible and will give you very good results; as long as you perfectly analyze all the options you have; that is, the first step is to identify how your company is generating profits; discovering the origin of your clients; to then analyze the options you have to reach other consumers.

Likewise, an investment is not necessarily just about “spending” the profits you have earned; it is also worth keeping that money in an emergency fund that allows you to face any event in the future; from natural disasters to huge projects.

In your hands is to get the most out of all the resources of your company; to be able to guarantee the life time of it and maximize the profits you are getting. Always keep in mind that your company is a producer of jobs; and the welfare of your workers depends on good decisions.

We are interested in your opinion:

  • What are the most important investments you have made in the life of your company?
  • What are the options that your company has in case of an emergency or an important project at the door?
  • What other projects do you consider important to invest in a company?


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How I manage money in my business Sun, 07 Apr 2019 15:30:51 +0000

Before developing a business, you must have basic skills and knowledge that allow you; land and start up all the projects that you have set. One of these skills or maybe we should call knowledge; it is a good administration of your finances; why, today we talk about how do I manage money in my business ?

The issue of personal finance is not something that you have to move away from once you become your own boss through your company; it is essential that in order to know how to manage the money of your company , you have acquired the habit of spending less and saving; or rather, spend wisely.

Despite the fact that during several of our contents we have emphasized the issue of separating personal and business finances; All the habits that you have impregnated in your personal finances, will be reflected in the administration of your business. In this way, if yours is not the savings, it will be difficult to make a good planning of your income and expenses.

Control the finances of your life and your company

A control in your personal finances and those of your business is very important, this allows you to establish goals and generate an adequate structure of expenses to fulfill them. That is why Sonia Sánchez-Escuer, a specialist in personal finance; He comments that there are 4 pillars of entrepreneurship: administration, planning, good credit management and investments.

It is then that to answer the question, how do I manage the money in my business ? The most important answer is perhaps to learn to carry good personal finances; besides generating a good administrative plan.

Speaking of the subject of planning, it is essential to keep in mind two things; one, that all the plans we make of finance, marketing, growth, etc; they are not unalterable, since they can be modified according to the obstacles or inconveniences that may be encountered. Two, that all areas of your company require a plan, because these will serve as a guide and allow you to be prepared.

Carry a good planning of the finances of your business is about having a strategy p

to carry out your expenses; that is, it is about spending strategically everything in order to generate more funds and above all; without having to spend all our available capital or obtain credits to achieve it.

How to manage the finances of a business: Tips

How to manage the finances of a business: Tips

If lately you have had some problems with the administration of your company’s resources, and you wonder how do I manage the money in my business ? We give you some tips:

  • Keep separate funds for your company and your business; remember that as a director or investor you have a salary or a fixed amount of income; that’s why you should not consider the money of the company like yours
  • Always have a contingency plan, in which you must allocate an amount from time to time; so as to have an emergency fund that protects you against any unforeseen event, such as natural disasters, low sales or a bad moment in the national and international economy
  • Respect the time of the processes of your company, that is, never make hasty decisions; If you have proposed to sell a product, but you do not have the necessary funds; analyze all the options you have to fund (sell other products, apply pre-sales); before considering buying a credit
  • It is advisable not to start a business in red numbers, that is, it is better to take the time necessary to continue collecting capital; to apply for a loan to start your business
  • Apply for credits in a responsible manner, which is part of a strategy to meet an objective; get a blind credit without the economic capabilities; can result in waste of resources and over-indebtedness

Perseverance and saving, two essential for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs

Already in the advice that I offer today to take an order in the planning of your finances; we talk about the importance of taking decisions that are planned and not hasty; So no matter how attractive the goals we want to fulfill seem to us, we must wait for each process to be fulfilled.

Acquiring a loan, for example, requires strong planning and a great strategy; so that the necessary resources are obtained to comply with the payment of the credit as soon as possible. Therefore, it is advisable to acquire a loan when you already have in mind what is going to be done and how it is going to rePeachum to familiarize the money of the investment; Above all, what are the benefits for the company?

Before applying for a loan to start a project; you must give yourself the task of analyzing and proposing different options in which your company can solve that project, or at least most of it; therefore you must have patience to gather a greater amount of resources and above all; improve the management of your income and earnings in order to spend the least on your expenses, and increase the amount of capital in your savings.

Saving then must be one of your top priorities, especially if your company is stable; because that shows that you are doing things well and that you have fixed incomes that allow you to save some capital steadily.



Surely before launching as an entrepreneur, you had a good administration of your finances; and that is why you managed to establish a company, but it is possible that the question arises: how do I manage the money in my business ? However, as we saw throughout this article, the good habits of personal finances are those that will allow you to prudently manage your resources.

Savings, perseverance and planning are characteristics that can always be present in everyone’s personal finances; but that they need to be present in the administration of the resources of your company; remember to set your main goal, save to meet your goals and not get the credit you request less requirements.


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How to value a business – Complete guide for beginners Sun, 07 Apr 2019 14:51:57 +0000

Know how to value a business if you are interested in investing; or even if you are thinking about selling shares in your company. These data will be of great help when making a good business and economic treatment.

The business needs that we sometimes have make us think of wanting more; mainly when success has been a path that has become very attractive; and in a lifestyle that you simply can not stop enjoying. For this same reason, many entrepreneurs want to know how to value a business ; either to invest in a new one, or to sell one’s own.

It is true that the circumstance of life sometimes encourages us to grasp new goals or leave our plans aside; whatever the reason for the interest in knowing how to value a business ; It is recommended that you have an interest in this type of issues; because at any time you could take advantage of this information.

It is necessary to know that there are many ways to value a business and the reality is that it does not exist as such a correct way to do it; because the business is worth what you think it is worth, depending clearly, the criteria you have established. However to have a more successful amount; There are several ways to know how to value a business and thus see reflected the estimate of the final value that suits you.

To begin with the valuation of the business one must look at the value of the assets of the company; Here several aspects are taken into account: What does the business do? How many people make up your team? What is the current inventory of the company? The answer to these questions are important because if you buy or replace all these points; another great investment will be necessary.

The result:

It will be observed in a good indication of the value of the assets of said company; and if the company you are interested in does not have good signs of these; then think twice before making the purchase; since this decision will directly interfere with your economy. Find out before buying, as sometimes current owners may not know if the business is exactly profitable or not.

It is an excellent idea to make an investment in companies if you already have the knowledge of how to manage one; Well, if the organization that you want to acquire is done correctly; the benefits obtained can be really substantial. The question is to know how to value a business that is for sale; or failing that, have the information of the value of the company itself.

Consistently you can see many entrepreneurs who put their businesses up for sale; This is due to several factors, it may be that the owner of the business retires and that there are no heirs before it; Or, there may simply not be people interested in running the company. Given this situation, it is normal for the business or the company to be put up for sale.

This type of actions generate that the interested ones take the time to investigate the necessary information on how to value a business ; for, in effect, each of these have different representations of value; that is, there is a difference between individual companies and commercial companies that must be known in order to have a clearer value of a company.

Individual companies

These types of companies are those that are handled by a natural person in a habitual, personal, direct and on their own; his legal personality is the same as that of the employer; so there is no real difference between the commercial heritage and civil heritage.

Regularly they are usually those where you have an absolutely flexible way of operating; so the beginning or closing of the company is usually a simple and fast situation. The creation of this type of company is usually done when it is not clear that the business will be sustainable; however much this is desired, or when the services to be provided are sporadic; and the benefit obtained from these does not require the formation of a Mercantile Company.

Individual companies are then those in which the owners or owners are one person; therefore this is the only one that benefits from the profits of the activity that is produced by the company; So this shows that you do not have any kind of association with other people or beneficiaries.

The fact of being a self-employed and independent worker means that you are not subject to an employment contract; therefore the activity carried out personally is for profit; although eventually the services of other people are required to be able to perform certain requested jobs.

Commercial companies

Commercial companies

Also called as a commercial company, aims to perform acts of commerce or good; an activity that is subject to commercial law. To this type of companies the law recognizes them as their own legal entity and distinct from their members; They have their own assets and channel both their efforts and their work in a lucrative purpose that tends to be common.

Then, just to have a little clearer of what a mercantile society means; are those that have a contract between two or more people where certain characteristics and benefits in common are stipulated; so that in this way the benefits that are obtained; be distributed among each one that makes it up.

If, for example, you are thinking about acquiring or selling part of a consolidated company for more than one person; then this means that it is a Mercantile Society, so knowing how to value a business of this nature is a subject of great interest; especially for those people who are interested in acquiring a new one to extend their own; or, for those who want to sell part of their company.

How to value a business?

How to value a business?

The first thing that must be done to know how to value a business , is to collect information about it. It is advisable to have the law of supply and demand as a starting point; that is, look around the business and investigate the sale price of others that are similar to the interested party; This is going to be that you get a general idea of ​​how much the business could be worth.

After this, the assets must be examined, why? This point is just as important as knowing the estimated price of the business; knowing the assets available will help to know more accurately how much that company is worth. For this examination we have two ways:

1) Create an inventory: it is necessary to have a comprehensive inventory of all the tangible goods that are counted; It is a correct way to get the liquidation value accurately. It refers to tangible goods such as furniture, equipment, articles, products, etc.; that could be part of the company’s operations.

2) Capitalization of income: this method assumes that the business will continue operating after the sale is made; therefore, future income is taken into account, which is generally based on the performance obtained with the actions carried out in the previous business. It is always advisable to have financial records in order to correctly calculate the capitalization of income.

Make an estimate of cash flow

When you are an entrepreneur, knowing the flow of money is a task that is carried out frequently; So in effect, this step is something that must be done if you are thinking about both selling and buying a company more. To do so, there is currently a formula that many companies use regularly; the so-called ” Seller’s discretionary cash flow” or in English ” Seller’s Discretionary Cash Flow “.

It is important to know that this model usually only serves for businesses run by an owner or operator; There are regularly small businesses and some franchise accounts. But for those businesses that tend to be bigger; Although the evaluation is usually more complex, it has a fairly simple formula:

To know how to value a business of this type with this formula; profits must be taken into account and taxes excluded. Subsequently you must add the expenses that are not originated by operating costs; and subtract those revenues that are not generated by the business operations.

Then the outliers and the one-time expenses must be added; You should also subtract those expenses that equally occur once. To all this must be added the expenses that come from amortization or devaluation; and the payments and interest expenses, however, should be subtracted the income that comes from the interest.


The owner’s total compensation must be added; In case there are several owners, you should choose only one. Then adjust the compensation of all other people who are owners; this will originate another estimate with real financial bases of the acquired profits of the business.

Check the whole process

It is important for you to know how to value a business correctly; everything related to it is taken into account; from every peso or coin that enters, as well as those that come out; even those expenses or profits that are not registered financially. This is very important whether you are the buyer or the seller of a business property.

It is known that being methodical is not an easy task, but it is essential when you are an entrepreneur; no matter how tedious it is, it is advisable to always make a list of both the income and the expenses of the company; because they are strong data that will be of great help when it comes to wanting to acquire another company; or at the time you decide to put on sale the one you already have.

The clear money that is important, but for this type of cases; especially for those where you are looking to buy to expand a company; or to simply have another one; Money must stop being the most important thing. It is necessary to think beyond this one; The location, reputation and even the age of the business should be considered first. For it is the factors that have the power to alter the value of the cash flow.

Remember that there are several things that can increase or decrease the amount of money of the company. So applying the knowledge of the difference between cash and credit will be a great help to investment.

If for example:

The seller intends to make the sale in cash, it is logical that in the end, a lower figure is obtained than what was estimated; that is the benefit of financing in these cases. In case of making the purchase or sale on credit; they should be aware of how payments are balanced, otherwise; There could be a mismatch in finance.

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Innovation is Key to Business Growth Sat, 06 Apr 2019 15:30:52 +0000

According to the World Bank, innovation is key to business growth ; so only through support for innovative projects; The growth of Latin American countries can be successfully developed.

It is then that collaboration between universities and the private sector should be encouraged; to develop advances that respond both to the needs of the company and social needs.

Why is innovation so important to accelerate a country’s economy?

According to the World Bank, those responsible for implementing policies in the countries of Latin America; to adapt to the fall in prices; is to encourage innovation; This is considered to be the safest path to sustainable growth.

Marialisa Motta, who is manager of World Trade Practices and Competitiveness in the Latin America and the Caribbean region of the World Bank Group; says that it is through innovative projects that the productivity of companies increases; and this is what improves the competitiveness of countries.

That is why the solution to accelerate not only the economic growth of the countries of Latin America; but also that of the companies themselves is fostering innovation practices; that although they are a constant in many of these countries, they are not efficient enough to give it all the impetus; to truly innovative projects.

This is where the World Bank plays a very important role; It is responsible for providing the necessary advice so that each of the governments of Latin America; I developed strategies and innovation projects to improve development; That is why innovation is key to business growth .

That is why they have been raised as main objectives, is to analyze the use of resources; as well as if the public expenditure devoted to innovation projects is sufficient to encourage the development of all the projects that have been proposed. Similarly, the effectiveness of the programs and organizations involved is analyzed; to also learn from the results that have been obtained today.

This means that it is about finding a balance between what the industry needs; and what is worked and researched in the universities; to throw into the world market, truly innovative projects that can provide real competition; to countries in order to accelerate the growth of their economy.

That is why innovation is key to business growth because it allows not only to respond to the needs of consumers; but also to give life to the research projects of talented students; making the combination of both benefit the economic development of their countries.

How are innovative projects incorporated into the industry?

When we talk about combining the research projects of the universities with the needs to cover the industries; it’s not just about materializing most of these investigations; but it is necessary to analyze the relevance of these projects not only to develop new products; It is also possible to implement advances in the technology used in industries.

Thus, innovation must be assimilated as an improvement strategy; that is, when a company innovates, it is capable of learning and optimizing its work methods and project management.

Although there may be some fear when implementing technological advances in the different processes of the companies; It is projected the elimination of several jobs to replace them with these innovative tools; however, the adoption process of these new technologies may be inclusive; creating better jobs for workers.

Part of the lack of incentives to promote international trade; it is because many of the countries are closed to these business opportunities; which is reflected in high prices for national consumers. That is, it has not been clear to them that innovation is key to business growth .

It is then that the development of innovative practices not only improves the growth of companies; but also with the economy of citizens.

The key innovation for business competitiveness

The key innovation for business competitiveness

We have already spoken that the implementation of innovative projects in industries allows to accelerate the economy of the countries; But what happens in a particular way in companies? how the development of technological advances helps companies to improve their competitiveness.

It has always been said that the success of a company depends to a large extent on the offer it makes; that is, your product or service must be better than that of the competition; but also must respond to the true needs of consumers. So the development of a new product or the improvements of an existing one; It must include innovative practices to stand out from the rest.

According to Amparo Moraleda, president of IBM Spain and Portugal (2004); Innovation is key to business growth because:

The integration between technology and business is a key factor for the competitiveness of companies. […] Companies must therefore adopt an innovative policy, where technology plays a strategic role in the design of business models, to become competitive, agile and effective entities. In this way, they must transform themselves into organizations “on demand”, capable of reacting and being able to adapt to any internal change or of their competitive environment.

It is then that innovation must be included in companies as an added value for business competitiveness. Well, it is the companies capable of innovating and evolving; those that offer new products that respond to the needs of consumers; and that also adapt to the new manufacturing processes (incorporation of technology).

That business innovation is not misinterpreted

A moment ago we talked about the fact that many companies consider innovation; only as that which allows them to develop new or evolved products; or the development of new and better manufacturing processes; However, innovation is a fairly broad concept, especially in industry.

It is so in different areas such as social, political, commercial or business; new projects and processes can be developed that give way to a better prepared company with greater acceptance by consumers. That is why innovation is key to business growth .

It is a fact that all the companies in their beginnings raised a constant growth; that would allow them to take the lead in the market. However, no matter how ideal we propose the projection of our company; we must consider our competence; so most of the projects and plans are focused on improving results not only internally; but also comparing them with those of competing companies.

This is how entrepreneurs realize that not only is it enough to maintain the existence of a company; that is to say, it is no longer enough to develop a project that bears fruit; but it is always necessary to find a way to continue winning customers, sell more and place ourselves at the top of success.

Therefore, innovation is presented as a reliable added value to be able to compete; what gives companies the possibility of having a competitive advantage in the industry; however, it is necessary not to be satisfied with the achievements; because the competition also seeks to develop an innovative project.

How to innovate in the projects of a company?

How to innovate in the projects of a company?

Surely you are tired of hearing that innovation is key to business growth ; however nobody has provided you with the relevant information to develop innovative projects. For this reason, we will look for some strategies in a general way so that you can apply them in your company.

According to the MacGuffin site; It is important to determine in which part of our company we want to innovate or evolve; because with that in mind the development of an action plan is launched.

Understand that innovation is key to the growth of our company; it also requires an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses that make up our company; because in this way we can realize what are our possibilities and limitations to carry out the innovative projects we have in mind.

Therefore, we will keep in mind the risks that we expose ourselves to when applying different options of our innovative projects. But, how to develop innovation in our company? Here are some tips.

Ways to innovate in our company

The BePrisma site, shares some simple ways in which you can innovate in your company; Remember that even with small steps great goals are achieved.

Online software

It is a fact that most companies already work with digital tools; simply by the fact that in this way work and time can be optimized; however, there are companies that still do not dare to do it because they do not consider it necessary.

If this is your case, you should consider using online software, which allows you to work on community archives; and in general, facilitate the way your company works day by day. Keep in mind that innovation is also about optimizing the processes of a company.


According to Prima, this refers to:

Gamification consists of applying game elements in non-play areas (such as the company) to motivate employees to perform certain actions that by their nature are not too attractive and make their efforts more satisfactory.

Lean thinking

This strategy consists of measuring continuously what brings true value in the company to be able to enhance it; as well as identifying what does not contribute to eliminate or modify it. All this from a perspective of continuous improvement. Maybe it’s the Human Resources department; which best take advantage of this form of innovation in the company.

Social networks

Social networks

The use of social networks may be prohibited in many companies simply because it is a way we often waste time; However, learning how to use these distractors as work tools can be a good innovation strategy; that is, find in them content to improve the work of each of the employees.


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