We know that entrepreneurship is a very demanding and complex task for most people who have business. One of the most difficult goals that every businessman thinks is how to accelerate my business, having to consider how to grow; considering the different strategies you can use to achieve your goal.

We must always take into account that there are new markets that can be reached and therefore it must be understood that if the business is a product or service, production can always be streamlined, be more efficient, give a better service, etc., which is why many entrepreneurs are looking to develop.

So, if you are looking for how to accelerate my business to grow, expand and position in other markets; It is necessary to share some tips that will help you to start a process of continuous growth; with the purpose of creating a greater chance of success.

How do I accelerate my business to grow faster?

How do I accelerate my business to grow faster?

Regardless of the stage in which a business is located; The objective is to position itself in the market to attract new customers. Since it is very clear that the client’s profitability in the medium and long term is the key to success.

The period of capturing new clients is definitive for any growing company; but it is better if you have a strategy for when a business is starting and new clients are needed to have the first stable income; unlike the companies that have been in the market for some time; so you can use cross-selling strategies or one-to-one sales to improve the purchase rate.

But when important growth strategies are required; The way to obtain resources to promote a small and medium-sized company should be considered and defined. Considering the action plan as a priority to reach new customers.

Therefore, small and medium-sized companies that manage to position themselves in the market; You can follow these simple techniques to manage them correctly. Remember that a good strategy or a good organization can make a difference with respect to your competition; but the best thing is to grow your company and your enterprise.

1.- The analysis

When analyzing, we mean to take a moment of awareness and reflect on how the business is defined; what is the target market and what are the objectives to be achieved. For this, it is necessary to simplify and objectively organize all the initial goals to one; Be clear to make a plan to achieve it.

2.- The organization

2.- The organization

It is necessary to have an order, that is why accounting is essential to maintain a good record of the financial activity of any business. Nowadays, good accounting management means having backup copies of all the significant information of a company. Nowadays, there are many accounting applications that can help you in this kind of tasks; there are also online services that allow linking the information through the synchronization of applications.

3.- The budget

It is advisable to make a database of all the expenses and income, to carry out this task can be heavy; that is why it is advisable to integrate a system that keeps the inventory up to date.

4. The investigation

Another strategy that you can use if you are thinking about how to accelerate my business , is definitely to stay informed about the other companies of the competition and market trends. There is an online way to investigate how other companies are working; so you can do benchmarking, where you will find pages that will help you in the process of researching technological trends, products, services and processes in your business area. So it is necessary to anticipate the possibilities of growth; studying new technologies that offer the possibility of expansion.

5.- The expansion

It should be considered that the new communication technologies that are available for work, simplifying some processes such as teamwork, training or project management. Of course, this will depend on the type of business it might be interesting to consider outsourcing in certain branches or projects of your company.

6.- The adaptation

When defining the commercial activities where the business is headed; This can achieve success with the integration of new technologies and be at the forefront of new opportunities to differentiate from others in the market. Of course it requires a great commitment, to generate opportunities for continuous growth.

7.- The online appearance

It is necessary to have an online presence; also from a good website, it is essential to have presence in at least a couple of social networks. Focused on the target audience; without first conducting a market study to decide which networks and what content are the most beneficial to the business.

8.- Highlighting

The attraction to the public is essential to build a brand and if the new electronic means are used, it will allow greater positioning to the businesses; especially to get new customers. For this reason it is important to implement newsletters via email or mobile push notifications. It must be taken into account that these systems appear to be invasive; but the truth is that excellent results are obtained.

9.- The mobiles

Being in the technology trend, for a business is essential and if it adapts the presence of a brand in the mobile world it will be of total innovation for a business; since the development of mobile applications can be very expensive, being able to take several months of work, but the new platforms offer a new possibility to startups, SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Because mobile devices are a guide for both users; as entrepreneurs of a new era of communication to do business. So it is important to make a good mobile strategy for the growth of the company.


To create, you need to start and to accelerate a business you need financing; that’s why today, many entrepreneurs are looking for business accelerators to achieve the momentum that every business needs. So, if you’re thinking about how to accelerate my business; Here are some options to achieve it:


The incubators are to develop the idea of ​​a business with the aim of implementing it in an organized way. To have a productive project if you want to find financing.

But if you already have a business or business running and you want to accelerate it, then you must go to an accelerator; since it will be possible to have support from specialists, tutors, investors, sources of financing and what is necessary to accelerate a business.

The famous business incubators are the support that focuses on new projects, can be found in universities (public and private), in the private sector, in the Ministry of Economy or in the National Institute of the Entrepreneur. In Mexico there are currently a large number of incubators supported by the government and by the private sector.

You just have to take on the task of finding the most suitable incubator for the type of business that is required. Information can be found in the Incubator Network of the National Institute of the Entrepreneur; or in the National System of Business Incubation.


So if you are looking to boost your business, in the Support Fund for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (FONDO PYME) is an option if you are looking for support for your business, and for those entrepreneurs with the purpose of originating economic development, through of the different supports such as programs that seek to promote the creation, development, viability, productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of micro, small and medium enterprises.



There are many companies where you can find different types of financing during the process of incubation and acceleration, in others you can obtain the resources of private companies, through investors or directly with banks.

Currently, banks have very accessible credit options from small and medium-sized companies; backed by Nacional Financiera.

Other financing options with crowdfunding or collective funding pages. There are some types of financing that have taken force for some years in the world and in Mexico there are already many options.

An excellent option for quick financing, are loans for small and large companies, these have many benefits. 



Definitely undertaking is not an easy task, on the contrary, it is demanding and complex; Therefore, the true challenge of a business is to expand and grow in a continuous and reasonable manner. As well as the main objective is to position yourself in the market with simple and well-directed techniques; because a concept, a good organization or a good strategy can make a difference.

All micro-enterprises form an important engine for the development of national growth; however, the lack of vision, of financing, are the opportunities that are let go; when it is unknown how to consolidate a business through incubators; accelerators or financing for small and medium-sized enterprises.

So if you’re thinking about how to accelerate my business immediately; You can count on the support of private companies specialized in this type of support, to promote it as soon as possible.

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