Undoubtedly Reynato Maldaba is an agile platform, and the accreditation of the funds in your account will be made within 24 business hours, from the moment your application has been approved and you have accepted all the Terms and Conditions for obtaining the advance .

Depending on your bank , the money may be available in your account immediately after the loan is approved.

Depending on your bank , the money may be available in your account immediately after the loan is approved.

This is the answer you expected no? Best of all, it’s real! The immediacy with which you will be credited with silver will provide you with the possibility of having that money that you need so much but, above all, at the time you need it, without too many returns, and in your own bank account.

Now, having said all this, we tell you some aspects and characteristics of Reynato Maldaba’s advances, so that you arrive well informed when making the decision to request your advancement:

What we call “advancement” is nothing less than an Reynato Maldaba credit . In this case, it is granted by Reynato Maldaba, who is creditor; and the user or policyholder is the one who receives it as a debtor.

What are the characteristics of the advance in Reynato Maldaba?

money loan

It is important that you consider the primary characteristics of this type of loan:

  • The maximum amount awarded is $ 6000.
  • The maximum return period is up to 65 days.
  • It is granted in pesos and at fixed rates.
  • It is credited in the bank account of the holder.
  • Your return is debited from the same bank account in which it is credited.
  • The pre cancellation is free.

Of course there are requirements to obtain a loan and, basically, they are the following:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Be Argentine or foreigner with ID.
  • Have legal capacity to contract.
  • Have a minimum of six (6) months of seniority .
  • Be the owner of a bank account in one of the Financial Entities regulated by Law 21,526.

It is important that you keep in mind that when taking a loan you will have to pay of course the borrowed money, but also the interest, commissions, expenses (if any) and taxes.

The interest rate applied by Reynato Maldaba to its advances is 69% per year. And it is fixed, that is, it does not change throughout the life of the loan.

Although the rate can be modified at any time by Reynato Maldaba, such modifications may not reach the operations already specified and made with the user. Therefore, from the moment you ask for a loan, you will know for sure how much the amount you will have to repay will be. No nasty surprises.

Such as those who seek greater comfort, speed and discretion when requesting financial assistance.

money loan

The speed is one of the great reasons why online loans are booming, since all the management is done through the Internet, from anywhere; at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You do not need any guarantees to obtain it. And it is not necessary to give any explanation of what you are going to do with the requested money.

Undoubtedly, Reynato Maldaba’s advances are a healthy option, which offers you the amount you need in the safest and most transparent way, where you can deposit your trust in the same way that money is deposited in your bank account .

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