Running your own business is not easy. This applies primarily to financial issues, because not immediately the company begins to bring great profits. Sometimes an additional loan is needed to cover emerging expenses. In this case, the question will often be asked how long the company must operate to get a loan for its business.

Setting up a business is not a problem today. Things start to get complicated when it comes to financing the business. Not everyone has enough savings to cover their initial expenses. Then we can take advantage of loans offered by banks, non-banking companies, and also by loan funds. However, not every institution has convenient loans for young businesses – new companies are not very credible, which means that financing options are narrowing.

However, we will not find it difficult to get a loan anywhere – but we must know where to look for it, to find the most convenient offer for ourselves and for our company.

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Not so long ago, banks demanded a certain period of activity from new companies. Usually, it was a period of 3 to 6 months, but it also happened that the required internship was as much as 12 months. This requirement resulted primarily from the fact that only then the bank could check the borrower’s financial situation more closely. The company is then asked to present relevant documents confirming the income and expenses incurred, for example, banking and accounting documents.

However, at present, not every financial institution requires internships from new entrepreneurs. This mainly applies to smaller amounts – up to around PLN 10,000. Then we do not have to provide any documents or security, for example, sureties. We will receive the money from the first day of our activity. When we would like to receive such a loan for a larger sum, in such a situation we will first have to provide appropriate collateral – it may be a surety, mortgage, and a blank promissory note.

Therefore, the internship does not always matter when you need loans for young business activities. Remember, however, that we will not use such offers everywhere. The easiest way to get loans without internships in loan companies, as well as in selected banks.

In our company Herrmann, we have prepared an attractive non-bank loan available to customers via the Internet – starting from the first day of operations and without the need to submit registration documents. This is an installment loan, which we can incur up to PLN 10,000 for up to 24 months. Thanks to this the borrower can choose the amount of installment that will be most convenient for him.

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