10 Best Physical Comedy Bits, According To Reddit

In a recent interview on The Late Show with Stephen ColbertBryan Cranston recalled guest directing Officethe infamous “Work Bus” episode, detailing the complications the cast and crew faced. He credited Office Jenna Fischer for alerting him to the smell of exhaust fumes inside the bus and for saving “everyone’s life”.

Bryan Cranston appeared on Stephen Colbert to promote his new movie Jerry and Marge go big which, interestingly, also features Office former – Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute). Cranston’s interview spotlighted the workspace mockumentary that meticulously balances grimace with physical comedy to keep audiences laughing. Generally, Office balances the two forms of comedy, but Reddit agrees that these physical gags are impressive.


Stanley’s dribble

Stanley Hudson dribbles a basketball in The Office

Reddit user shoulda_been_gone says ‘Stanley dribbling a basketball’ is the funniest physical gag on Office. In Season 1’s “Basketball,” Michael pits his staff against warehouse workers in a friendly game. He chooses players based on who he likes the most and his prejudices. Jim Halpert, Ryan Howard and Stanley Hudson make the team, while Kevin Malone, who shoots perfect baskets, is dropped.

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Michael has great faith in Stanley, more than anyone, but in reality, he’s terrible at the game. Stanley’s weak posture, dribbling and ball handling skills are downright comical. He kicks the ball with his whole palm and his lack of control and agility makes him the weakest player on the team.

fire drill

Creed Bratton Phyllis Vance and Oscar Martinez trying to escape the Dunder Mifflin Building in The Office

Physical comedy is one of the classic moments of Office‘s “Stress Relief.” In the episode, Dwight gets a little too realistic while conducting a fire safety drill at the office. He forces all the doors shut and deactivates the phones before using a cigarette to set a trash can on fire.

Reddit user Saint_Hera said “The Whole Who Runs During Dwight’s Fire Drill” is the best physical comedy on Office. It’s an easy favorite because Dwight’s bizarre teaching technique leads to some hilarious downfalls. The physical comedy is made of unforgettable moments like Michael throwing a printer out the window, Oscar trying to escape through the ceiling, Angela throwing her office cat Bandit into the ceiling, and Kevin raiding the vending machine.

Kevin’s Chili Spill

Kevin drops his famous chili in Dunder Mifflin

For Reddit user RoweMyBoat, the “Casual Friday” cold open featuring “Kevin dropping his Kevin’s Famous Chili” is the series’ best physical gag. As seen, Kevin carries a gigantic jar full of homemade chili peppers to the office only to accidentally drop it near the reception area.

The real comedy begins when Kevin desperately tries to get as much of the chili pepper out of the pot as he can. The physical humor of the scene is a combination of Kevin’s fetching actions, expressions, and body language. As he uses documents to scoop chili off the floor, he scores a memorable silent comedy scene and one of the funniest chill openings in Office.

Michael and the stewardess

Michael Scott screams in pain as the flight attendant stands next to him with a service cart in The Office

Redditor falloutbi05 mentions a fun part of “Business Trip” in which David Wallace sends Michael on a sales call in Winnipeg in mid-November. They write, “One of my favorite little moments that always brings me to tears is the flight attendant hitting Michael in the knee with the trolley and his reaction.”

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Michael looks forward to his in-flight experience and orders a meal in business class. He angers the flight attendant with his attention-seeking behavior like asking for a menu, and she, in turn, takes advantage of his blindfold and hits him in the knee with her airline food cart. The comedy operates on the flight attendant’s intentional clumsiness and passive-aggressive behavior. To top it off, the “God!” of Michael comes at the right time. the scream makes the whole gag funnier.

Meredith and the Bat

Dwight Schrute captures the bat on Meredith's head in The Office

Redditor itschristmas_letsgo writes, “…Meredith having a bat stuck on her head…” is the show’s best bit of physical comedy. This over-the-top slapstick comedy is part of Season 3’s “Business School” and begins when Dwight lifts the ceiling and accidentally drops a bat into the office.

As people rush for cover, Dwight, a total non-professional, insists on removing the bat himself. He grabs it off Meredith’s head using a trash bag. Although Dwight does most of the work in the scene, it’s Kate Flannery’s Meredith who steals the show. She conveys her physical discomfort through her actions and body language to connect with viewers.

Michel’s injury

Michael Scott burns his foot on a girl and shows it to the film crew in The Office

One of the funniest episodes of Office, “The Injury” features the uncomfortable and jarring moment when Michael tells the camera crew about his injury. It’s been known that most nights he puts slices of bacon on his grill, plugs it in the next morning, and finally wakes up to the smell of sizzling bacon. As hilarious as it sounds, it gets funnier when Michael reveals his burned foot to the film crew without the slightest ounce of embarrassment.

According to Reddit user Right-Championship30 “Michael burns his foot” like a piece of bacon is. Officeis the best physical gag. The Redditor’s choice is a classic because the shot of Michael’s foot is in perfect harmony with his amusing narration of what went wrong. He explains perfectly having burned his foot and by showing his foot, leaves no detail to the imagination.

Dwight’s Martial Arts Demonstration

Phyllis and Dwight do martial arts in The Office

Reddit user Stevewallen says The offices The best physical gag is “Dwight’s” year in the martial arts display that’s featured in “Murder.” It evolves from simply demonstrating karate to Dwight performing various martial arts moves on himself.

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It’s a memorable track because Dwight, at Jim’s insistence, hits and blocks his own attacks. The whole scene turns into a chaotic comedy and ends with him punching himself in the groin.

Dwight is hiding in a box

Pam Beesly talks on the phone as Dwight hides in a box in The Office warehouse

Redditor wacksonjagstaff’s favorite physical gag is also one of the funniest pranks Jim and Pam have pulled on Dwight and it’s in “The Alliance”. The episode revolves around Jim leading Dwight, leading him to believe that they have joined forces against other members following the downsizing rumors. The Redditor describes the fun part perfectly, saying, “…when Dwight hides in the box spying on Pam’s phone call. The way he cuts the eye holes and then gets so excited he knocks the box.”

The physical comedy montage is made of Dwight punching holes in a box and ending up propelling himself and toppling over while trying to overhear Pam’s conversation. Pam can barely hold back her laughter at the end, and Dwight deserves a ten out of ten for this over the top stunt.

Kevin’s Fall

Kevin and Oscar dance at Jim and Pam's wedding in The Office

The memorable two-part “Niagara” features Jim and Pam’s wedding and, as expected, is made up of memorable outtakes and wedding shenanigans. The climax of the episode is when Dwight plays Chris Brown’s Still on an iPod speaker in a parody of the 2009 YouTube video sensation JK Wedding Entrance Dance.

In the middle of the JK wedding entrance dance sequence is the unforgettable Kevin “falling into the candle pillar” which Reddit user RL0290 says is the best. He partners up with Oscar, and while most of their dancing goes well, he adds his own twist by slipping and stumbling. Kevin’s special Kleenex shoes, counted among the classic moments of Office“Niagara,” led to his memorable slapstick gag.

Pam at the Dundies

Pam Beesly falls from her chair at the Dundies in The Office

According to Redditor CharlieNixon1965, “Pam gets drunk at The Dundies!” is the best physical gag of Office. The scene takes place right at the end of the annual Employee Night, aka The Dundies, Awards Ceremony held at Chili’s.

Pam’s downfall is the perfect conclusion to “The Dundies,” and it lets the fun side of her personality shine through. She’s the most energetic person in the room, thanks to the chile margaritas. Overall, her cheerful personality is an entertaining break from her more serious office demeanor.

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