A Clydesdale embodies America in Bud’s Super Bowl ad by Chloe Zhao

There are elements from Bud’s previous Super Bowl spots here, like the dog-horse friendship from “Puppy Love.” But the tone is radically different, with a grittier vibe and more diverse cast.

“We all fall in life, and the road to recovery is often painful, long and lonely,” Zhao, Oscar winner for her film Nomadland, said in a statement. “Telling a story of perseverance, hope and friendship through the lens of beloved Clydesdales really resonated with me.”

“As America’s beer, we wanted to return to the Super Bowl with a message of strength and resilience,” Daniel Blake, group vice president of marketing, Budweiser and value at Anheuser-Busch, said in a statement. “Budweiser has always stood with the country in difficult times and reminded American communities that better days are ahead. With this Super Bowl spot, our goal was to highlight the country’s perseverance and determination and to show that by uniting, we can grow and move forward stronger than before.”

This is also VaynerMedia’s first Super Bowl commercial for Budweiser.

“This idea has been in the making for nine years,” says CCO Rob Lenois. “We started as Budweiser’s social agency in 2013 and now we’re incredibly proud to create our first Super Bowl ad for them. It’s a story of true partnership and we’re humbled and proud to help write the next chapter of this legendary brand.”


Daniel Blake, Vice President of Budweiser and Value Brands
Kristina Punwani: Head of Marketing at Budweiser
Veronica Sperry: Senior Brand Manager – Budweiser

AB supply:
Luke Radliff: Director, Marketing Sourcing

Extreme range:
Hank Robbins: Talent and Rights Manager

Budweiser Clydesdales at Anheuser-Busch InBev:
Dave Hennen: Herd Manager
Jon Pate: Director, Clydesdale Operations

Turtle Ranch:
Robin Wiltshire: horse trainer
Kate Wiltshire: horse trainer

Rob Lenois: Creative Director
Tom Christmann: Executive Creative Director
Brian Steele: Creative Director
Kevin O’Connell: Senior Writer
Luke Ulery: Senior Art Director
Wanda Pogue: Chief Strategy Officer
David Cortes: VP, Integrated Strategy
Deanna Der: Senior Strategist
Nick Miaritis: Executive Vice President, Client Services
Connor Bryant: Senior Vice President, Client Services
Joe Leotta: Vice President, Group Account Manager
George Quiroz: Account Manager
Jamie Somerstein: Senior Account Manager
Kevin Murga: Director, Project Management
Anna Guo: project manager
Bruce Andreini: SVP, Production
Victoria Bennett: Executive Producer
Taylor Vance: associate producer
Jaymie Lipman: Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer

Exile Edit:
Shane Reid: editor
Shane Van: Editorial Assistant / Junior Editor
Victoria Clifton: producer
Sasha Hirschfeld: executive producer

JSM Music:
Joel Simon: CEO / CCO
Jeff Fiorello Vice President / Executive Producer
Norm Felker- Producer
Andrew Manning- Producer
Sharon Cha – Producer

The mill:
Mario Stipinovich: CD/Set Supervisor
Jeff Lopez: 3D / HOD Manager
Jade Kim: 2D Manager
Clairellen Wallin: executive producer
Mia Saunders: producer

Wave Studios:
Aaron Reynolds: sound designer/mixer
Vicky Ferraro – Executive Producer
Eleni Giannopoulos – Producer
Austin Ferreira – Transfer Engineer
Xander Zooi – Transfer Engineer

Claxton Projects:
Bryan Schutmaat: Photographer
Michael Friberg: photo assistant
Tom ClaxtonAgent

Double the line:
Angel Ochoa: DTL

Super premium:

Chloe Zhao: director
Rebecca Skinner: General Manager/EP
Michelle Ross: General Manager / Sales
Charlotte Woodhead: Executive Producer
Matt Sanders: Production Manager
Alexandra Lisée: producer
Danielle Billman: Production Supervisor
Joey MendezAsst. Production supervisor
Natacha Babieri: DOT Coordinator
Michael Estrella: 1st AD
Art Williams: 2nd AD

Joshua James Richards: DP
Michael Merriman: camera operation
Charles Bae: 1st AC
Carter Smith: 2nd AC
Ryan Rayner: 1ST AC – Cam B
Matt Schouten : SAID
Dan Skinner: DIT – Internet

Dan Magat: Bumbling
Jesse Crusing: Best Electric Boy
Tommy Krattiger: electric
Gordon Hale: Electric
Drew Nelson: electric
Gabe Valenzuela: Electric Driver / 399

Jeff Kunkel: key take
Joe Chouchanian: best male grip
Matt Michaels: best boy handful
Terry Ruffner: Adherence
Vic Chouchanian: Getting Started
Dave Morrison: Getting Started

Art Department:
Anthony Gasparo: production designer
Charles Varga: artistic director
Pepper Nguyen: artistic coordinator
Marisa Collins: set designer
Brad Dorsey: Prop Master
Nick Perez: props assistant
Colby Berlin Henkens: Main Person
Craig Osler: Product Specialist
Felipe Restrepo: Chest of Drawers / 399
Scott Betty: Chest of drawers on the shelf
Erik Macray: Set designer
Andre Price: Dresser Set
Rick Craft: Set Dresser
Jason Richards: Set Designer
George Zamora: special effects
Simon White: special effects
Miles Richman: Scenic
Dave Valdez Jr.: Scenic
Angelica Negrete: Scenic
Jeremy Newhouse: Green Man
Jeff McGinnis: Green Man

April Napier: costume designer
Thom Murray: assistant costume designer
Yuriko Bondies: makeup artist

Jessie West: script supervisor
Marlin George: VCR
Hanna Collins: sound

Nick Morley: Location Manager
Sami Soulagheh: gang leader
Brian Eastveld: tank truck driver
Johnny Escobedo: van driver
Matt Moss: Pilot
Romulo HernandezL Chief Driver
Duke Stevens: Driver – Grip Truck

Sue Chipperton: animal trainer
Tamara Reynolds: animal trainer
Aiesha Colvin: American Human

Marcos Ponce: catering assistant
Florentino Hernandez: Catering Assistant
Alejandro Curiel: Catering Assistant

Production support:
Yule Owens: Crafting Service
Andrew Licciardi: Office PA
Jill Youngblood: PA in the office
Oscar Ramos: PA
Gary DunkelPA
Jamaal Taylor: PA
Eric CrawfordPA
Jake Billow: PA
Danielle Kahl: PA
Monica SanchezPA
Iris Navarro: PA
Benoît Regent: PA
Rasheed ClarkePA

Catlin Clifford: Stableman
Cynthia Orsini-Dahl: Veterinarian

Health and security:
Axel Montoya: Doctor
Yeajean Moon: Covid Compliance Manager
Ari Dyrek: Covid Compliance Assistant
Evan Aretz: Covid Compliance Assistant

Equipment / Service:
ANIMAL MONITOR: American Humane
ANIMAL TRAINER – DOG: Check the door
CAMERA: Arri Location
CAR CAMERA: Tracking systems
CAR RENTAL: Midway Rentals
CATERER (1/12): Hollywood / Califa Catering
CART: Chapman Leonard
GENERATOR: Sufficient power
GRIP: Grip Fix Inc.
HARD DRIVES: Movie Tools
INSURANCE: AON Albert G. Ruben
LIGHTING: Rental Light Force
MESSENGER: Precis Express
MOHO: ZIO Studios
PAYROLL – Crew: Revolution
PROD. SUPPLIES: Hot bricks
SECURITY: by location
TRUCKING – PROD. : Hot bricks
TRUCKING – CAM.: Avon Rents
VIDEO VILLAGE VAN: Manhappanin Inc.
Video recorder: Michael Moretti
WALKIES: hot bricks
WATER TRUCK: Agua Dulce Water Trucks

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