A deliciously simple breakfast in Lufthansa Business Class

The My Meal of the Week feature looks at an airline meal from my travels over the years. It could be a meal from the beginning of the week or a meal served more than ten years ago.

Lufthansa’s business class catering is generally satisfactory, but I often find the German airline trying too hard to be too sophisticated. Sometimes a simple breakfast is preferred over a ‘gourmet’ breakfast and I was very grateful to receive just that on a short flight in Europe.

Short-haul breakfast in business class on Lufthansa

This meal was served more than 10 years ago on a Paris-Frankfurt flight leaving at 6:00 am. I was sitting in business class, half asleep, but was awakened by the clinking of glasses and that unique sound of the carriage brakes being turned off and on as the flight attendants rolled down the aisle with food and drinks.

There was no choice – just “Frühstuck” (breakfast) with a choice of drink.

Breakfast was served covered. Today we would call it protecting against COVID-19 by reducing unnecessary touchpoints, but back then we just called it being lazy.

Regardless, I unboxed it and appreciated how simple it was.

No fancy Heimat menu with ingredients I can’t pronounce or exotic mixes of foods that most people would never consider mixing. No, just a simple plate with meat and cheese, a warm bun, fresh fruit and plain yogurt with a hint of pistachios and a dried apricot on top.


For a 280 mile flight that took less than an hour in the air, this was a very decent breakfast.

I had to look back 10 years in the archives to find this. This is not to denigrate Lufthansa food today, just to point out that sometimes simple is better.

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