As if by magic, a massive mural appears at the Cater’s Market in Meridian | Local News

They say good things come in threes, and Cater’s Market’s latest mural project, created, designed and painted by the Meridian Museum of Art Collective, or simply “The Mural Group,” is proof of that.

Leslie Carruth is working on the mural last week.

The dream team of Leslie Carruth, Daniel Ethridge, Kris Gianakos, Cary Haycox and Marsha Iverson started this art initiative with the creation of the David Ruffin mural and Allie’s Daffodil Day mural next to Dumont Plaza earlier this year.

Kate Cherry, Executive Director of MMA, explains: “After the completion of these last two outstanding murals, our board of directors adopted the MMA collective for public art projects.

Haycox explains that the Cater’s Market mural is not a traditional rectangular box.

“It’s an interactive piece,” he said. “Cater’s Market is in bloom and we want to remind people that they can have spring and summer all year round. In addition to Allie’s daffodils and other flowers, there is a 3D bumblebee buzzing at the above, a butterfly arriving for a landing, not to mention the perfectly sized white picket fence, and of course, a merry-go-round and Navy jets. This will be a great selfie spot! “

Jamie Cater, owner of Cater’s Market, appreciates the group of energetic artists sharing their talents to enhance Meridian’s outdoor spaces.

“I thought the North Hills area would be a great addition to their downtown outdoor art effort,” she said. “As the co-founder of the Around Town Carousels Abound project, community art has always been important to me. I wanted to include a carousel horse in the design and chose Charlie Busler’s horse as a tribute. He was a regular customer and close friend of staff before his passing in 2020. He frequently gave his paintings to young members of my staff in order to share the art with them.

“We love our Meridian NAS customers,” she added. “So I suggested that the group also include a Navy jet. They added the chicken as a nod to our famous chicken salad. It was so much fun putting the pieces of all of this together for our community. “

“I have sun on a cloudy day,” sang David Ruffin and the Temptations on their number 1 h…

Gianakos, a former Navy League board member, agrees. “We are thrilled to be a positive part of our community. It’s a joy for this old pilot to see our Navy T-45s on the scene.

Carruth urges all businesses interested in creating a mural for their own space to contact the group.

“We also invite artists or volunteers to come and get a brush and see where it fits,” she said. We will find a way and a space to make it happen.

As if by magic, a massive wall mural appears at Cater's market in Meridian

Cater’s Market’s new mural was designed and painted by the Meridian Museum of Art Collective.

Before the next Allie Cat Run and Festival, a new mural inspired by the names of the event …

“Whether it’s a 2 by 4 space, an 8 by 16 or a 4 story building,” says Haycox, “we are ready to make many more murals a reality. .

More information

Businesses interested in a mural can contact the Meridian Museum of Art at 601-693-1501 or [email protected] to discuss a proposal.

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