As the big resignation looms, businesses should look to digital marketing agencies to fill the void in 2022

The impact of the big resignation on businesses: how Tack Media is changing the game

“It’s important that there are layoffs in place, companies fear losing revenue, momentum or strategic direction if only one team member were to leave, which could be crucial for their businesses. daily activities, says Kevin Tash. “

By the end of 2020, LinkedIn rankeddigital marketing specialistAs one of the most in-demand jobs for 2021. This is not surprising given that lockdown-induced migration has pushed digital professionals to seek alternatives, including remote working, flexible hours, a higher wages and a healthier work-life balance in the workplace. With a record 4.4 million Americans leaving their jobs in September 2021, the number of Americans resigning has now exceeded pre-pandemic highs for six consecutive months in a phenomenon that has come to be known as “the great resignation. “No later than December 13, the Tik Tok Video Sharing APP the hashtag #quitmyjob had 194.7 million views on the video sharing app, and #iquitmyjob had 41 million. 40 percent of survey respondents said they left because of burnout. While this leaves broader societal issues in place, Tack Media, a digital marketing firm in Los Angeles, recommends that organizations rethink their hiring process.

“There is a new blended approach to leveraging agencies that are not acting as service providers, but rather as a true extension of their marketing team. Over 70% of CEOs believe the Great Resignation will affect their business over the next twelve months. It is important that there are layoffs for companies to do business as usual in the digital marketing space. For organizations that rely heavily on team members on a daily basis, SEM management, and other digital professionals, it is crucial for them to have a backup for their roles; this has been one of the main demands over the past 2 years. Businesses fear losing revenue, momentum or strategic direction if just one team member were to leave, which could be critical to their day-to-day operations, ”said Kevin Tash of Tack Media. “Organizations also need to consider that external agencies provide stability and redundancy at a lower cost than a single full-time employee. “

Tack Media has also pioneered new ways to nurture, nurture and scale up many organizations large and small as the market redefines itself. “While many digital agencies are focused on one niche or a few of their strengths, our strength is diversification without loss of quality, ”says Tash. “With specialties that stand out, in particular; Google Ads, SEM services, Shopify management, and social media marketing, it is important that there is minimal intermittence in performance, reporting, analysis and optimization. That’s why Tack Media has a new blended approach that defines what it means to be an extension of sound. marketing team. This means that businesses can spend less time dealing with the delicate balance of having a marketing team, and more time growing their business. “

Tash adds that the agencies also offer a wide range of experiences and skills, as well as the responsiveness that organizational leaders need in today’s world. “An agency can work with an internal team or in its place. Instead of an employee who may resign or need days off, you have access to multiple professionals who are already working as a cohesive team and providing diverse perspectives on your project.

“Over the past 5 years, we have perfected the art of merging our teams with those of our clients. Many agencies are focusing either on one niche or on a few of their skills while our strength is our diversification of skills. and to have a truly integrated marketing team with no duplication or loss of quality, “says Paulina K, senior account manager at Tack Media.” With customer service at the top of the list, and never a ‘it’s not my attitude. work ”, Tack is truly a game-changer throughout the United States and Canada, with their team ensuring 24-hour online availability and in different time zones, 5-minute response times, their nickel-free philosophy and penny, and their position on “a happy workplace is creative”.

“By working with an agency, you can cover more ground with a multi-faceted digital team for the cost of a top-level marketing manager. It’s quite expensive and difficult to hire and train an in-house digital marketing team of five people right now, with a median salary range of $ 94,956 to $ 130,934 by marketing manager, according to Alternatively, you can work with an agency like Tack Media for a fraction of the cost. We will provide a well-oiled team that delivers superior results at a much lower cost than building your own in-house team. It also eliminates the need to worry about a long and potentially unsuccessful hiring process, including retention, training and wasted time, ”adds Elena Smith, brand manager at Tack Media.

Tash says that “those underlying issues in the workplace that seem to be at the heart of this exodus can always be improved with all organizations and a team-oriented perspective can be refreshing and productive.” Tack has been innovating theirs for over 5 years, called the ‘IamTack Promise‘composed of these fundamental philosophies:

  • Good communication: no one in the marketing team is an island. In order to get results, good communication is crucial; everyone needs to learn from each other and work together to achieve set goals.
  • Clear and concise roles, tasks and objectives: in order to avoid duplication, everyone understands their role within the marketing team (internal and external), the type of workflow involved to make processes efficient, what their tasks are (including what they are and are not allowed to), and know what the goals are.
  • Respect: It goes without saying that respect is the foundation of productivity. Toxic environments will not provide the best quality of work. Respect is essential for everyone to feel welcomed and valued.
  • Empathy in business: For the team as a whole to function properly, it is important to understand that there is someone behind the role. Empathy helps clean the air and allows people to understand the perspectives of others.

Tack Media offers a wide range of abilities, supporting emerging companies in the media and business. To learn more about Tack Media, visit

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