Beauty trends evolve to meet the needs of conscious consumers

With increased consumer awareness, there has been a sea change in people’s buying behavior for skincare products. The skincare routine has shifted to one where “clean beauty,” “organic-sourced,” “eco-friendly,” “sustainable,” “cruelty-free,” and “vegan” are the new words to talk about. the fashion.

Increasingly, brands are also promoting their products with words like eco-friendly packaging, eco-source, and zero waste to reflect sustainability. This sparks a big talking point in the beauty industry where we need to do our part as brands to not only deliver clean beauty to our consumers, but also help the environment, says Deep Lalvani, Founder of Sublime Life.

Sustainability is a journey with a wide and complicated route, as it affects every step of the business, be it supply chain, packaging, sourcing, suppliers, partners or even consumers. However, consumers are focusing more on health and wellness when it comes to the products they use, making brands more curious about what influences consumers’ purchasing decision when it comes to sustainability.

Consumers are more interested in knowing how the product is made than what it is used for. Consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable beauty brands as they increasingly see it as an individual responsibility. However, the cause of this shift in decision-making is something that most brands are trying to address.

Major skincare brands are constantly challenged to respond to ever-changing perceptions of clean ingredients, create more diverse and inclusive products, and instill authenticity. We are now witnessing a gradual change in beauty trends from the “glam look” to the “healthy look”.

The beauty industry has been dominated by the same big brands for years and the skincare industry has a negative impact on the environment and generates significant waste. Never before has it been more important to tackle the beauty industry’s age-old ways and take collective responsibility for cleaning up and redefining beauty standards.

The concept of clean beauty is gaining momentum in India. Consumer awareness of product formulations and ingredients has increased dramatically over the past five years. People are now reading labels and so brands are increasingly realizing the importance of being transparent about the ingredients they use and the steps they take to be sustainable.

While Indian brands are actively focusing on recycling and using toxin-free formulas building on affinity with natural products, other key aspects of clean and sustainable beauty such as sustainable sourcing of raw materials and the use of biodegradable ingredients are avenues still to be explored. .

The shift to clean beauty is a way to improve the quality of beauty product ingredients and the sustainability of the packaging used. This includes being aware of and using ethically sourced raw materials wherever possible, raising the standards by which products are certified for sale, ensuring brands are more transparent about ingredients used in their products and to be more responsible for the claims brands make about their products and packaging.

At Sublime Life, as an initiative for the betterment of our planet, the brand only partners with the best Clean and Green beauty brands offering complete honesty and transparency. Starting with packaging boxes, packaging materials, tape and sleeves, the brand uses only recycled materials that can also be recycled. In an attempt to make our Earth green, each Sublime Life order comes with a unique card that contains seeds the user can grow at home. The team believes that small efforts may seem insignificant, but it makes a remarkable difference to the whole.

Sublime Life has also launched an initiative called the “#SublimeRecycles” program and we encourage all of our users to send us their old, empty plastics for us to upcycle or recycle. This is our attempt to reduce waste, reuse more and save the planet for a better tomorrow.

With the growing number of conscious consumers, brands are now being held accountable for their claims while striving to meet the changing demand for clean beauty products. And this trend is giving consumers and the brand back the power to build a more sustainable environment.

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