Brush up on your virtual sports skills while enjoying an evening at Simplay of Hauppauge

Simplay is Long Island’s premier indoor sports simulation facility, featuring cutting edge technology, great food and more.

When it comes to enjoying a night out while getting a taste of your favorite sporting event – and even fitting in to the action itself – there’s no better place in Long Island to do that Simplay of Hauppauge, NY.

Simplay originally opened in 2015, with the current ownership group having acquired the facility in June 2020. Glen Carballo – Hofstra University graduate, banker and partner in the business – considers himself a man of Long Island from start to finish, and said Simplay is an investment he has made that he believes has already paid off.

“When my partner offered to get me on board and do business with him, it was almost obvious to me as the potential here is limitless,” Carballo noted.

Simplay, in simple terms, is Long Island’s premier indoor sports simulation facility, packed with cutting-edge technology that can provide a fun and immersive experience for guests of all ages.

“We have eight sports simulators that normally cater to golf… six in a public space that we call Sim Alley, which is our main room,” Carballo said. “We also have two VIP rooms where our guests can host parties for groups of up to eight people, and which come with its own simulator, a television, and waiter or waitress service for food and drink.”

Simplay has three distinct aspects to its business; sports simulators, their catering service – comprising Studio 180, their main banquet hall and the Infinity Room, which is their secondary banquet hall – and a barbecue canteen up front, serving the best of the restaurant franchise Dang BBQ.

“What I really felt so interesting about this particular facility was that it was truly one of a kind on Long Island,” Carballo said. “Not only can you get a bite to eat or throw a really out of the ordinary party, but you also have the opportunity to have an experience that no other dining room or restaurant offers.”

Carballo noted that what really brings people out in a modern world populated by countless street-side delivery apps and services is not just the ability to eat great food, but also to have an experience. unique. And whether it’s a date, a night out with your friends, or a more formal occasion like a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, sweet 16 or even a wedding, only one place like Simplay can offer it all.

Sports simulators, which are the bread and butter of Simplay, can provide a realistic virtual recreation of not only golf, but a variety of other fun physical activities that are sure to please any sports fan.

“Our simulators appeal to people across the spectrum,” Carballo said. “Our simulators are a total experience as you step into a bay and a beautiful golf green is presented to you. Right in front of you is a giant screen the size of a movie projecting a golf course. So whether you want to hit balls and practice your swing, or just come over with your friends and have a great time and eat great food, we really appeal to people of all ages and experience levels.

When it comes to Simplay’s sports simulators, however, golf isn’t the only game in town; indeed, their simulators are capable of handling a variety of different sports. So when you come to Simplay to play a game, get ready to have fun, whatever activity you choose.

“There are many different sports you can play here at Simplay. Our simulators can play baseball, basketball, zombie dodgeball, soccer and more, ”Carballo said. “Our simulators are multi-sport, so whether you’re in the party or you’re a sports fan and just want to let off steam, you can easily change the sport you play. We have all the equipment you would need, including hockey sticks and baseball bats and things of that nature, so people using our simulators can play whatever sport they want.

Carballo noted that their decision to partner with the new team of owners at Simplay was clearly the right one, based on the enthusiastic response from their many customers over the past year.

“Our customer base has been fantastic, and we’ve been fortunate to have this business grow from a core of dedicated golfers who appreciate our simulators to a mainstream appeal,” he said. “Our clients and clients are the best in the business, and we look forward to developing that. We also just launched our new website, which is more user-friendly than ever. We also have an app for scheduling, so you can just go to the website and download the app directly to your phone on Android or Apple.

Like many businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Simplay also suffered hardships and setbacks; However, it didn’t take long for them to bounce back, and with the pandemic over, things at Simplay are finally back to normal.

“The pandemic has hit us a lot like every other business, but we’ve been able to do quite well thanks to the leadership of our great partnership group and our CEO,” Carballo said. “They made sure to follow COVID guidelines and restrictions to ensure that our facility was always hygienic and safe and that we always met occupancy limits. So, thanks to great leadership and good deed, we were able to survive the pandemic by providing people with access to our simulators and, of course, our restaurant. “

Despite the fact that New York State has lifted virtually all COVID-related restrictions from businesses, Simplay nonetheless continues to take precautions to ensure staff and customers stay safe at all times.

“We make sure our facilities are professionally cleaned at least twice a week and we also wipe down all heavily affected surfaces before, during and after working hours,” Carballo said.

Looking ahead, if Simplay continues to be the runaway success it has been, Carballo said the possibility of expanding the business to other locations on Long Island is a distinct possibility.

“If this continues on the trajectory it’s been on, I don’t see why we wouldn’t look at other places,” he said. “These simulators seem to be part of a growing industry … we see competition entering the market, but we are excited about it because it brings brand awareness and the ability to expose more people to different experiences.” … the future, at the moment, we think it’s very bright.

And if you want to organize a catered event at Simplay, you will have the choice between two separate rooms; The Studio 180, which can accommodate up to 250 people, and the Infinity Room, which can accommodate up to 75. As for food, catering is not limited to the delicious dishes of Dang BBQ; instead, customers can order from an incredibly diverse menu covering just about anything they could desire.

Carballo noted that the Simplay team of owners have greatly enjoyed being a member of the Hauppauge community and made a point of working with many neighborhood groups and civic organizations to help give back.

“We are really looking forward to building our brand awareness within Hauppauge and throughout Long Island,” he said. “Simplay has given me the chance to employ people and be a part of the local economy… it’s been a great experience so far, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. “

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