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Small businesses are critical to small businesses.

Make small contributions to your community.

What makes Small Businesses Matter shines a light on local businesses that donate their time, talents, products, and services for the greater good of our community. When local businesses who are “tagged” have the opportunity to share their stories, the “local store” trend spreads like wildfire!

A loan for small businesses

Typically, all you need to know is that small-scale business loans are based on a company’s creditworthiness, which is determined by a combination of variables such as income, credit score, and the length of time a business has been in operation. Startup loans, which are an exception, are based on the credit history of the business’s owner. Find out more about how to apply for a small-business loan.

The HE is you. With a pinch of salt!

Jonathan Mathias, Chef and Owner of A Dash Salt, answers four questions.

What sparked your interest in starting your own business?

I wanted to create the ideal family that is centered on food and fosters a love of food. The concept of food inspired me to start this family on my own, with energizing, delicious, and inspiring dishes that create an effect that brings people closer together. It’s all about the taste and the family when it comes to food.

What is your best-selling product or service?

We’ve received more requests for smaller events with COVID restrictions, as well as for plant-based food items to be included in our standard dining menus. A growing number of people, including vegetarians and vegans, are riding the “herbal” wave… When you order at home, we offer online vegan cooking demonstrations as well as cooking classes for private groups that have been extremely popular.

We’re getting a lot of wedding requests now that the vaccine allows for larger events and groups! It’s an incredible feeling to be back at work and assisting our clients in celebrating their love for one another in the post-covid world.

What local businesses can you rely on to support the business (products or services), and can you name them?


Herb garden of Gilbertie

– Baldor Foods Inc.

Market with two Ls

The flower bouquet Charles Cas Charles Cas

Lorraine Arguto – Cove Tent

Suzette’s Sweet Cakes is located in Black Rock / Fairfield.

Paws Animal Resort has a room.

Non-profit organizations include:

– A shelter with the door open.

– CT Star

Do you believe you’ve “reimagined” your small-scale business?

COVID made us change our focus several times. We continued to offer online ordering and third-party platforms, virtual events, and meal delivery. COVID has increased demand even more. We discovered that many people prefer to stay at home and cook or have delicious meals delivered to them on a regular basis.

Jonathan intends to open the Double L Market in Westport. Westport’s Double L Market “They are underappreciated and do things in unconventional ways, which is what distinguishes the most successful. Thank you to the entire Double L Market team!”

An Dash of Salt Catering is located on Brown House Road in Stamford at 49 Brown House Road. A Dash of Salt Catering’s website can be found here. Make sure to check out the Facebook and Instagram pages as well!

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