Catering Insight – Brita warns of ‘throwaway culture’ for catering equipment

A new report from Brita Professional has highlighted a ‘throwaway culture’ for home appliances in the hospitality industry.

The study detailed that when it comes to replacing faulty equipment: a third of operators expect their machines to only last 3-4 years, compared to 28% for hot drinks equipment such as coffee. This despite the fact that 99% of hospitality professionals say it is important to them to work for an organization with enduring values.

With breakdowns accounting for almost half (47%) of new equipment purchases made by hospitality businesses and reliability issues are also cited as a major factor in 28% of machine replacements, Brita Professional urges the industry adopt a “cradle to cradle” approach. ‘ approach.

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Rather than replacing faulty machines, the “Made to Matter – Uncovering the changesing perceptions of machine longevity” report suggests that end users should focus on extending the life of their equipment by performing essential preventative maintenance.

Brita Professional Sales Director Steve Buckmaster said: “More than a third (36%) of companies say cost savings are a key benefit of extending the life of their equipment. And one of the easiest ways to do that, while still maintaining the equipment warranty, is to install the right water filter. This is something that over 90% of operators understand the importance of, but only 60% buy into.

“Companies also need to ensure that their equipment is regularly inspected and maintained, and investment in training is essential so that team members know how to repair and maintain the machines during maintenance to avoid downtime. This is not only important from a cost reduction perspective, but it can also help companies deal with the huge impact that landfill equipment has on the environment.

The hospitality industry is now learning to live with Covid-19 and continues to recover from extended shutdown periods. Operators have experienced impacted revenue over the past 2 years, citing several major contributors including a lack of footfall (62%), staff shortages (37%), increased operating costs (33%) and a increased labor and consumable costs (27.4%).

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