Catering Insight – C&C Cites Industry Relationships Key to Latest Positive Financial Results

C&C Catering Equipment rebounded from the initial impact of the pandemic, posting a set of positive financial figures for the year ending April 30, 2021.

In the latest annual report from the Chester-based distribution group, which is now publicly available from Companies House, both sales and profits have climbed.

Revenue increased 22% from £ 15.1million to £ 18.5million, while operating profit increased 4% from £ 895,000 to £ 929 000 pounds sterling. However, the group’s profit margin fell from 23% to 17%.

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Managing Director Peter Kitchin said Restoration overview: “My fellow directors and I are obviously delighted with the results which show an increase in turnover and also and above all an increase in the result.

“In my 40 years of involvement with the company, this has been the most difficult time but also oddly maybe the most enjoyable too, so doing everything we have is obviously very enjoyable.”

In the report himself, he said: “We have set our budget for the coming year and consider that the group is well positioned to advance its financial performance in 2021/22, despite the difficult circumstances and the uncertainty. persistent as to the impact of the pandemic. on the economy as a whole.

“As a group, we are very focused on customer service and pride ourselves on developing long term relationships with all of our customers and providing them with high quality service. To maintain this goal, our main strengths are our people and the systems we adopt. .

“We are constantly reviewing our services and monitoring our monthly KPIs, which serve both to report on our accomplishments and to motivate us to seek even higher levels of service and efficiency. “

Kitchin reiterated these points in his comments to Restoration overview, declaring: “We could not achieve these excellent results without the relationships that we have established with our clients, our consultants and our prime contractors. We appreciate the opportunities given to us and strive to continuously improve ourselves and always strive for the world class basics!

“We have great teams in the three C&C group companies and we couldn’t do it without each of them stepping up and doing their best every day. Our loyal supply chain has also been very important to us over the past 12 months, they are, like our bank, accountants and insurance brokers, key partners on our journey.

Looking ahead, he summed up: “The future looks bright, I am satisfied with the current order book and believe that we are in a good position to have another good year.

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