Catering Insight – Multiplex increases the options with a multi-drink dispenser

The Welbilt Multiplex brand introduced the albi range of compact beverage dispensers, designed to be quick and easy to install.

The series offers options for still drinks (albi Still), soft drinks (albi Carb) or a combination (albi Flex). Countertop cooler and soft drink dispensers deliver post-mix drinks from a single unit, as well as chilled still or sparkling water.

From flavored sparkling waters and juices to traditional soft drinks, beverage dispensers offer a push to worm feature which should reduce waste and be easy to wipe down and clean.

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Targeting the healthier beverage trend, the Multiplex albi range enables operators to meet customer needs for healthier beverages, even in smaller locations where space is limited for coolers and beverage storage. finished.

The unit’s post-mix technology should provide precise, tamper-proof syrup control, and the range dispenses a consistent beverage that can be adjusted from 4: 1 to 10: 1 for a “ freshly made ” taste. . Using standard Bag in Boxes (BiB), connectors and fittings, its installation requires no backroom or python equipment, just power grid and water (plus CO2 for soft drinks) to be able to deliver drinks and ice water at the push of a button.

Steve Hemsil, UK & Ireland Sales Manager at Welbilt said: “This is a really smart beverage dispenser option that is just perfect for operators who have a small counter and are want to offer higher quality, healthier and very profitable soft drinks. The Multiplex albi range is ideal for a small cafe or bar, or for a leisure business with food and beverage kiosks, or even for office use. Its compact footprint and easy setup make it a great partner for a business looking to leverage sales and profits, and provide customers with a cooler, healthier soda pop.

“We will be offering the installation included in the price, which makes it a perfect introduction to the advantages of post-mix beverage dispensing over batch storage of glass or plastic bottles, and with its environmental attributes it fulfills many boxes for an operator. “

The Albi is designed to be user-friendly, with 4 buttons, low maintenance cleaning and quick and easy installation. Dispensers require a simple change of BiB, which saves labor and time compared to restocking a refrigerator with finished products / bottles. BiBs can be purchased locally or through Simpsons Drinks, which offer a range of flavors including traditional favorites and new options. Alternatively, they offer bespoke flavors at the competitor’s request (depending on volume). CO2 the canister can be purchased locally or via BOC and its online ordering system.

Four 10-liter BiBs are equivalent to approximately 720 servings (330ml) and one CO2 canister produces more than 3000 servings, which would save time and make the range environmentally friendly. The unit is also said to offer lower energy bills, with up to 30% energy savings compared to packaged product coolers (based on a single door cooler).

Hemsil added: “We expect great things from the Multiplex albi range: a compact and stylish unit that is easy to use and offers good environmental benefits. This is a real game-changer for dispensing drinks for small spaces. “

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