COVID-19: NCAA issues guidelines for in-flight catering services

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority has issued guidelines for companies providing in-flight catering to airlines operating domestic flights in Nigeria.

According to the NCAA, food service providers had been identified by the Authority as one of the main service providers to airlines that needed to put in place COVID-19 risk management measures to assure the traveling public that Food and beverage items served on flights were not a potential source of COVID-19 infection.

In a circular published by the NCAA on its website on resuming domestic flight operations in the country, in-flight catering companies were required by the Authority to conduct regular risk assessments of their operations and to put in place corrective measures to address any identified hazards to prevent the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus to their customers through their products.

In view of the above, the release states: “Catering in the form of packaged meals (food and snacks) may be served on domestic flights by in-flight catering companies who have completed the appropriate risk assessment and have NCAA approval.

“National airlines must serve prepackaged catering products (meals and snacks, etc.) in sealed containers to their passengers upon disembarking.

“No catering product will be served or consumed in flight by airlines or passengers respectively on a domestic flight. “

The NCAA also noted that the newly issued advisory circular replaces previous circulars on in-flight catering on domestic flights with respect to COVID-19 restrictions.

He said, “All in-flight catering service providers are required to comply with the provisions of the NCAA.”

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