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“Since March, we have only six or seven. It has been difficult to find help,” she said. “When we have sick people, we call more families to help us. “

Members of the Kast family pose under a family photo on December 30th during their last shift at Edith’s Cakes Catering & Café. From left to right: Tina Steele, Marian Huettner and Colleen Jones. They retired after 33 years in downtown Beaver Dam and 50 years of baking.

KELLY SIMON, everyday citizen

Ron Schleicher and Lynn Siedschlag, regular patrons who had their last breakfast at the cafe on December 30, said they were debating where to eat after the doors were closed.

“We’ve been coming here for about 20 years,” said Schleicher. “Where are we going now?” There are so few good Mom and Pop places.

Both men came for both breakfast and lunch, but said they cut back once they got older.

“We loved Mondays because … prime rib sandwiches were the specialty back then,” Siedschlag said.

A lifetime of memories flowed as Miller, Jones, Huettner and Steele spoke of their decades in the business. They remembered building and running a booth at the Dodge County Fair for 30 years, when Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson and his entourage ate at the cafe, baking a wedding cake and a cake topper. 50th anniversary for the same couple, cleaning up after the 2008 flood came through downtown, and much more.

But when asked what matters most to them about the business, each woman responded collectively – the people.

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