Funding for day activity centers for adults with disabilities increased by $3 million per year

SINGAPORE – Funding for day activity centers that provide care and vocational training for adults with disabilities has increased by 20%, or about $3 million, a year.

The increase in funding – in October last year – will allow centers to hire more care staff to improve the quality of their care and service standards, particularly for those with higher support needs, said Parliamentary Secretary for Social and Family Development Eric Chua.

The government is studying the longer-term demand for these centers in areas where it exceeds the number of places available.

It will also look into the creation of new centers in areas where demand is expected to exceed current supply.

Mr Chua was responding to Ms Cheryl Chan (East Coast RCMP), who asked if Day Activity Centers could keep up with demand over the next five years and if there were plans to reduce wait times for registration.

There are 31 day activity centers in April, Chua said, with about 1,700 places in total.

About 78% of the places in these centres, which are financed by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), are occupied.

There are eight centers with no vacancies.

When a person applies to a center with no available places, SG Enable – an agency that provides services for people with disabilities – will refer caregivers to other centers with spare capacity.

It will also explore alternative support services with caregivers, such as in-home services and respite services for caregivers, Chua said.

He added that MSF would continuously monitor and revise financial support and programs to meet the needs of people with disabilities and their carers.

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