Humble Espresso Coffee and Catering to Open with Julie Ferguson at the Bar in the Former Parkview Store Building on Upper Street, East Tamworth | The head of the daily newspaper in the North

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WHEN a driver honked as he passed Julie Ferguson’s new cafe in an iconic but renovated East Tamworth cottage just a week before it opened, his face lit up. “I feel like people are excited and really welcoming, they are welcoming the change,” Ms. Ferguson told the chef. The longtime local Tamworth chef has spent three months renovating the old Parkview store on Upper Street and is preparing to open on Friday. “As a kid we would always come here and buy lollipops for a dollar and you would come out with a big bag, it was such a beautiful store back then,” she said. “I’m so excited, as an apprentice you dream of having your own little place and 30 years later I’m here … it’s meant to be.” The store front received a new coat of paint, an inviting new door and large windows with a hanging panel above, proclaiming the business as “Humble Espresso Cafe and Catering”. The outdoor space has been designed with a “really airy feel” to make guests feel right at home as the COVID-19 pandemic lingers. READ ALSO: A balance between retro features and a new feel was found inside, with Ms Ferguson highlighting pressed metal details and a sanded back wall they decided to leave as is among new tiles, furniture and lighting. “I designed an open kitchen, so people could come and chat because after 30 years in the business I’m sick of being stuck in the back,” said Ferguson. “I want to be able to interact with customers and make them feel like a part of them. We hope that we can have a very good welcoming atmosphere.” Ms Ferguson and her daughter drove through Sydney sipping coffee with the ‘very’ important ‘choosing a mix to serve, before landing on Seven Mile’s Cat’s Pajamas. She said cafe connoisseurs across town had was helpful throughout the trip until the opening. “The cafe community is really great with each other and very supportive,” she Ms. Ferguson will help prepare the “modern cafe” style food on the menu and private dining feasts, having started her apprenticeship in Tamworth and relocated before moving back to town 14 years ago, working in cafes, catering and raising family. “J ‘love Tamworth, this is my home,’ she said. Humble Espresso will open for the first time Friday morning and every day after, except Monday, for breakfast and lunch. Fridays and Saturdays evenings are the order of the day. The store is located at 73 Upper Street, East Tamworth. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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