I will ensure that the caterers are supplied with a three-month credit – Hajia Sawudatu Saeed

Hajia Sawudatu Saeed, aspiring national women’s organizer of the NPP

Hajia Sawudatu Saeed, an aspiring National Women’s Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has offered to provide food items to caterers under the school feeding program on a three-month credit basis.

This, she believes, would put an end to disruptions in the school food supply chain caused by lack of financial commitment to suppliers.

According to Hajia Sawudatu Saeed, she has the ability to ensure that caterers do not run out of stock provided she is elected National Women’s Organizer.

“I have already spoken to a company about how to help the school feeding programme. We will provide all the cooks with the necessary items on a three-month credit… So that the children do not run out of food and focus on their studies,” she revealed on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo Morning Show while discussing her ambitions to be a National Women’s Organizer for the NPP.

She explained that “because if you do a school feeding program and you don’t have money to pay your suppliers, you won’t have the peace of mind of working for the party.

“But if you get consistent supplies, it reduces the pressure on the women who feed the schools and the government can also have peace to govern.”

His remarks come at a time when high schools are complaining about the lack of food for students, with some schools threatening to close.

The Conference of Assisted Head Teachers (CHASS) of the Upper West Region has noted that food suppliers under contract with Buffer Stock Company are not ready to supply due to non-payment of outstanding debts, leading to severe shortages. food in all schools in the region.

The food shortage caused Parliament to set up ad hoc commissions to investigate the activities of the National Food Buffer Stock Company and the National School Feeding Programme.

Meanwhile, Africa Education Watch, an education think tank, has called for a review of the feeding component of the Free Senior High School curriculum.

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