I’m a travel expert – here’s how to cut your boarding time at airports

Queuing at airports is one of the few downsides to going on vacation.

Travel should be about relaxation, but getting on the plane can often be a slow and stressful process, especially right now with the ongoing chaos of travel.


Queuing next to business class passengers can speed up the boarding processCredit: Getty

However, a travel expert has revealed a handy hint that could help passengers speed up their boarding and reduce the time they spend waiting in line.

Former flight attendant and consumer expert Jane Hawkes told vacationers how certain tactical queues could get them on the plane and into their seat faster.

She told The Express that queuing next to business class passengers could lead to a faster boarding time.

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She said: “Go for the nearest business class check-in counter as they are likely to have a shorter business class queue.

“There’s a chance that if that queue empties faster, they’ll wave you over because they want to speed up that check-in process.

“They’re not there just to separate passengers.”

Hawkes also revealed how to get through security barriers faster, being properly prepared to pass through monitors.

His recommendation is to remove anything that will trigger the detectors as soon as possible to avoid delays.

She also said using the airport’s clear plastic bags for liquids was a good idea, to ensure they were up to the expected standard.

Hawkes isn’t the only flight attendant who has already provided information on how to speed up passenger boarding.

Earlier this year, Glenn Reuben, a flight attendant for more than 30 years, revealed why passengers should wait to fly before asking cabin crew for things.

Glenn shared his frustration on question and answer site Quora.

He wrote: “During boarding, if you need a sip of water ‘for a pill’ or because you are ‘so thirsty’, please use the water fountains in the boarding area.

“During boarding, the company attacks the crew and the agents who are very harsh on departure times.

“During the boarding process, we check catering supplies, inventory special meals and prepare for service.

“We find passenger storage spaces and coordinate passenger seating.

“Ten minutes before departure, all luggage must be stowed and passengers seated so that the door can be closed.

“Bottom line – we don’t find it cute, when you stop us from doing what we do to open the buckets on the water and the cups for a single glass of water.”

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A former flight attendant revealed how tactical queuing could get them on the plane faster


A former flight attendant revealed how tactical queuing could get them on the plane fasterCredit: Getty

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