Internet claims dinner host fails to meet vegan demand: ‘unreasonable’

The internet has backed a dinner party host who refused to cater to guests doing “vegan weekends.”

Meeting the needs of different diners can be a challenge, especially if they have a wide range of dietary requirements. But for one host, the needs of a weekend vegan couple were a step too far.

In a post shared on Mumsnet, user Just1moreq asked if it was unreasonable not to prepare vegan dishes for her gathering. His comment seems to have struck a chord as 277 comments were left under the post.

The user said: “I’m cooking for 10 tonight. Five couples, in the group there is someone who has a nut allergy and someone who has celiacs.

Image of a woman apparently irritated by her own cooking. The host was annoyed by his friends’ vegan demands.

“One of the duos just called to say they’re doing vegan weekends to reduce their carbon impact. They’re just checking that something tonight will fit.

“I said they won’t, but they are more than welcome to bring things. Am I an unreasonable a***.”

According to a 2021 Statista Global Consumer Survey, 3% of Americans follow a vegan diet while 59% follow no nutritional rules.

Unsurprisingly, the post drew plenty of comments from other Mumsnet users who supported the host’s decision not to cater to guests.

One wrote: “So they give you about six hours notice for a hard diet? I would tell them to fuck off and not bother to come. Realistically, I would tell them to bring something for themselves.”

Another added: “Their reasoning makes no sense if they go out for a meal. Presumably you’ve already bought the stuff. It’s a sunk cost in terms of carbon so getting more stuff would just increase their carbon impact.”

A third commented: “It’s up to them if they want to eat vegan a few days a week. But with a few hours notice to the host, they can do it Monday and Tuesday instead.”

Mumsnet is one of the most popular forums on the internet where people share their concerns. Earlier this year, a woman’s ‘vindictive’ wedding present split the internet after reading her post on Mumsnet.

In the post, a newly married woman explained how a close friend gave her an envelope containing a card, which included a note saying her wedding gift was concert tickets she never paid for.

The bride then texted her friend to apologize for not paying her back and insisted it was a one-time only.

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