Invitation to #Talkinboutthisgeneration at Coworth Park

The H&C News Sustainability Roundtable, in partnership with Meiko UK – Let’s Talk About This Generation, chaired by Katherine Price, Sustainability Editor, H&C News

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There are many compelling business reasons for the hospitality industry to embrace sustainability, with no real choice in the matter, making a place more attractive to consumers is another. Making your business attractive to Gen Z job seekers might be the most important of all.

For the first time since records began, the Office for National Statistics announced that there were fewer unemployed than vacancies. Job vacancies hit a record 1.3million from February to April as unemployment continued to fall to 3.7% – the lowest level seen since 1974.

So, in the labor market, the hotel industry will now have to compete more than ever with other industrial sectors for the same people.

Most vacancies in the hospitality industry could be categorized as “entry level” and as such open to virtually anyone who wants to learn the ropes of hospitality. Most open positions will see recruitment aimed at young people, but do we speak to young people in their language. The language of sustainability and diversity?

Let’s talk about this generation

Understanding how to communicate with this group starts with understanding what is important to them when considering their potential workplace. Fortunately, organizations like Deloitte have done a lot of research here, and if this is something you’re interested in, take a look at Deloitte’s report – ‘Understanding Generation Z in the Workplace’. It contains a lot of food for thought.

One of the conclusions of the authors of the report is: “Companies must demonstrate their commitment to a broader set of societal challenges such as sustainability, climate change and hunger”.

Hospitality is well placed to build on the work done over many years to emphasize to young people that they can join their teams in a sustainable workplace… Please discuss.

The event is by invitation only: if you would like to apply to take part in the discussion taking place in Coworth Park on the 31st August send an e-mail to – [email protected]

The Oak Room, Coworth Park, Blacknest Rd, Sunningdale, Ascot SL5 7SE

Arrival from 9:00 a.m. Tea and coffee will be served.

Round table from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Brunch will be served from 11:00 a.m.

Guests are free to stay and talk more.

The discussion will be chaired by Katherine Price, Sustainability Editor, H&C News.

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