Local Business Shifts From Food Service To Food Truck Service Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

To keep the business booming, the owners of “ Room at the Table ” turned to food truck service.

CLOQUET, Minnesota – The past year has been an interesting one, to say the least for people in the restaurant business.

From lack of meals inside to canceled events, many changes had to happen in order for people to make ends meet.

“With COVID, we started flipping burgers and it worked really well,” said Paul Sapyta, owner of Room at the Table Catering & Bakery.

If you ask Sapyta, there is always room for everyone at the table.

“We love giving back to the community in this way and being able to help,” Sapyta said.

Over the past year, giving up was not an option for Sapyta and her business partner. They changed the wheel from catering to focusing on food truck service to communities across the twin ports.

“If you have a food truck, you decide when to open it, how much food you have. If you have a restaurant, you have to have milk and salad and hope people show up, ”Sapyta said.

Now success is the name of the game.

“It gives us freedom and allows us to be creative,” Sapyta said.

Room at the Table was recently licensed to sell this summer to Duluth. From burgers to rice bowls, and so much more, there’s something on the menu that’s sure to please everyone.

“We always wanted to include everyone. We’ll always have gluten-free options, vegetarian options, ”Sapyta said.

Sapyta says one of the biggest challenges he’s faced over the past year is the weather, not the lack of customers.

“The trailer was built in Tennessee, so it wasn’t winterized for everything we need,” Sapyta said.

Fortunately, the food truck has already been purchased, serving as a delivery method for large-scale events.

“It was always a side thing to complete the restoration or facilitate the restoration, and then when COVID hit and no one could get in, people still needed food and we had to pay rent,” Sapyta said.

Now that summer is approaching, this chef and his team are up for the challenge of nurturing friendly customers and looking forward to what will happen next.

“You can always follow us on Facebook, we are currently working on the website,” Sapyta said.

Room at the Table currently sells burgers every Friday night from four to seven in the Cloquet VFW parking lot.

They also like to partner with organizations to organize fundraisers.

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