Mary’s Market announces permanent closure of another cafe

It’s no secret that the COVID pandemic has been HARD on many businesses in the Rockford area, especially restaurants and bars. Many have been forced to reinvent the way they do business just to keep their doors open, and now that they’ve cleared that hurdle, they have a whole new set of challenges to overcome. Namely, staff shortages and rising food and supply prices.

Another Mary’s Market store has closed permanently

To truly understand the disappointing news I’m about to give you, we need to take a look back at what Mary’s Market has been up against since the start of 2022.

Back on January 6, 2022, Mary’s market made this announcement on Facebook…

Then this announcement was made on February 2, 2022, and I really thought it might add a silver lining to the fate of Mary’s Market at Edgebrook in Rockford…

When these two announcements were made in early 2022, it really seemed like staffing and supply shortages were causing the problem, but now it has become too much to overcome.

A recent Rockford Register Star Article indicates that a sign is now displayed on the doors of Mary’s Market Edgebrook store stating ‘This cafe is closed’.

Now, it’s possible the sign has been there for several months now, BUT John Clark, COO of Mary’s Market Cafe, confirmed to RRStar that the Edgebrook location is “will no longer be a Mary’s Market(No official announcement has yet been made on Mary’s Market social media pages).

What does the future hold for Mary’s market?

I always hate to see anything close in the Rockford area, but I feel a bit comforted knowing that we still have two Mary’s Market locations to enjoy; the East State and Perryville cafes. Mary’s Market is still offering catering services, learn more about it at

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