McHenry Event Planning continues to thrive and adds picnic packages to services

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Erin and Ray McHenry spend their days as department supervisors at Owensboro Health, but it’s their family business that holds their hearts. The couple own McHenry Event Planning, with many personalized experiences offered by the company.

As a chef, Ray has offered home cooking events and culinary experiences. In 2021, the couple formed their SARL to meet customer needs.

“The more he cooked for his customers, the more the demand for his food grew,” Erin said.

So while they were already planning these events for their friends and family – Erin as event planner and Ray as chef – they decided to add more under their services.

“We offer chef-at-home experiences, luxury picnics, take-out meals, small event catering and wedding catering,” Erin said.

Most of the help for the business comes from the McHenry family. They also try to find event partners locally, including event spaces, bakers, florists, photographers, graphic designers, and more.

The company constantly shares posts from other chefs, planners, events and bakery items from local vendors on its Facebook page, encouraging visitors to try them all.

“It’s one of the most important and rewarding parts of what we do,” Erin said. “Small business supporting other small businesses.”

Recently, the McHenrys added a new service for customers. Erin said she saw a trend on social media at various picnics and realized none were offered in Owensboro.

“We’ve seen … small, intimate picnics all the way to elaborate women’s groups with all the bells and whistles,” Erin said.

So, they created a basic package but included add-ons to make it as big or small as the customer prefers.

For their luxury picnics, McHenry Event Planning offers three menus, which also include setting up and tearing down everything in the mood. Picnics are scheduled for an hour and a half, and can also be enhanced with various amenities.

“We are busier than we ever dreamed of,” she said.

And the two haven’t finished thinking of other ways to feed the community.

“Long term, we hope to open a bed and breakfast and run our catering from that,” Erin said. “We hope to have a space for intimate dinners or gatherings, both indoors and outdoors.”

To learn more about McHenry Event Planning and what they offer, visit their Facebook page.

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