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“Our first thoughts in March were with our staff, they are all counting on us. We’re not going to put them on leave, we’re like family. We are a small business, how are we going to survive? »Said Mélanie.

“We followed the news, read all the information to determine where we were. Are we essential workers, how do we keep our kitchen open, how do we keep our staff safe, how do we keep our team paid? Diane said. “The first shock was the closure of the store we just opened at Chelsea Market. We saw a lot of cancellations in corporate catering, people left the office until April. Our weddings in May, June, people started canceling all of these events. Now that it was all going, we knew it would dramatically change things. “

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The duo found that many of their customers still wanted to support Mini Melanie by having personalized truffles and cakes shipped to their homes. For two weeks, Diana and Melanie completely redesigned Mini Melanie’s website to focus on e-commerce and launch a whole range of products that weren’t available before.

“It was also on the backs of our loyal customers who asked us to send them things. They had moved out of town, they had wanted to make friends, family, coworkers, even some of the corporate clients we were doing office catering wanted to send things to their teams at home and now they were all over the country, ”said Diana. “We took two weeks, and Mélanie and I refocused on creating an e-commerce site. We had a little bit, we shipped a product or two, but we quickly redesigned the site and launched a whole line of products, and throughout the summer we launched products every few weeks.

In addition to truffles and cakes, Mini Melanie has launched products such as brownies, cake pops, cookie cakes and DIY cookie decorating kits. With the popularity of decorating kits, Mini Melanie began to run virtual classes with decorating tutorials for the public.

“We knew the nuances of shipping perishables on ice, the transit time and the right packaging we needed. It is important for us that everything lands perfectly. We launched during the summer when it was hot and stressful, ”said Diana. “We have tested shipping to lucky friends and family, we have all the new products that we have launched, we have taken all the legwork to get it right and we have also been fortunate to have a customer base. loyal.”

While Mini Melanie’s long-term goal is to have a stronger presence in e-commerce, Melanie and Diana agree that the pandemic has really accelerated the process.

“We always wanted to focus more on e-commerce, but since we are the two running the business, it was part of our goals for the year, but it was done much faster and well. better, ”said Diana. “We had to focus all of our efforts on this because of the activity we had. “

With New York City reopening, Melanie and Diana say the event activity they had before the pandemic is starting to return.

“We’re completely bombarded with personalized cakes for every theme, every party – everyone wants a party for every occasion,” Melanie said. “It was surreal to see what we were bringing back. We believe we are stronger than ever. We have an e-commerce business and we are now on FreshDirect.

“Events, birthdays, weddings, baptisms, briss, it all comes back,” said Diana. “We haven’t seen corporate catering come back, it was a third of our business in 2019. It’s still not back but we know it will be.

In the meantime, Mini Mélanie is committed to its customers and plans to maintain the e-commerce site and virtual courses.

“We love it when we’re busy, so what we’ve learned is that Mini Melanie can survive in any situation. We are there for our customers, we are there for New York and for the whole country, ”said Melanie. “We love all aspects of the business, our services are truly unique. Our dessert table for all summer events is so reliable from the time you email, phone or text Mini Melanie to the delivery of your cake, it truly is an experience. that you won’t get in another bakery.

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