More beach barbecues are coming to Bournemouth and Poole

THE number of beach barbecues across the seafront in Bournemouth and Poole is set to be tripled in time for Easter – but other units ordered last year will be kept as spares.

The other 21 had been in storage after delivery in April 2021 by All Urban Ltd, Christies’ UK supplier in Australia.

Following a freedom of information request from the Daily Echo, the BCP council has now confirmed that 12 more beach barbecues will be installed by Easter weekend.

Beach barbecues

They will be placed at Fisherman’s Walk, Portman Ravine, the walk outside Urban Reef, and Branksome Chine.

Asked why the phased deployment had been used, a spokesperson for the BCP Council said: “The 27 units purchased will not be deployed immediately, as some will be integrated into upcoming waterfront developments such as the Durley Environmental Innovation Hub and the Sandbanks Pavilion and a number will be retained. in stock as spares.

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“Electric beach barbecues were introduced in part due to the ever-increasing health and safety concerns caused by disposable barbecues which pose a considerable risk to the public and the environment.

“As well as creating a litter problem, they can be a fire hazard when in use and when a partially extinguished barbecue is left in the sand or near trash cans. They can also cause injury through burns or cuts if accidentally stepped on.

As noted, the beach barbecues that were installed last summer had to be fenced off after issues arose over who was responsible for cleaning them daily.

The BCP council decided to place the first six barbecues at Fisherman’s Walk, on Bournemouth East beach between the piers and Branksome Chine.

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The local authority lit the barbecues over the Christmas period following a request from open water swimming groups and locals to enjoy festive seaside parties.

Electric barbecues are a sustainable and safer option than disposable barbecues, the council spokesman said.

“They are easy to clean, simply requiring a wipe down between uses. The grills operate on a pre-timed cycle and automatically shut off after use.

“They can also be turned on and off with the press of a button.

“They are made of low maintenance, corrosion resistant stainless steel and electric barbecues have been used regularly and successfully by guests at The Bournemouth Beach Lodges site at Manor Steps since 2019.”

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