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On June 23, 2022, Ms. Lindsey’s childcare provider held its 2022 preschool graduation at Olivia’s Catering in Kinston.

“We hold our graduation every year at Olivia’s Catering and Ms. Susan is absolutely wonderful at coordinating all of my fun ideas and providing our families with a great space for graduation with refreshments and appetizers included so everyone can enjoy it after graduation,” Lindsey said. Whitley, owner of Mrs. Lindsey’s daycare.

There were five kids graduating and over 50 people participated. Whitley credits two preschool teachers in particular for the success of the event.

“Ms. Shimi, who also serves as an assistant manager, has worked with me for almost seven years,” Whitley said. “Ms. Angel, our preschool teacher, has worked with me for three years. These girls are amazing.

Both teachers poured their hearts into the children.

“They love, nurture, spoil and teach these children every day as if they were their own children,” Whitley said. “I have to thank them both for the remarkable progress these children have made through their preschool year and for the educational development milestones these children have achieved.”

Each child performed a different skill learned in their preschool program, received two awards each, performed a graduation song and dance, and received their preschool diploma.

“We’re actually going to introduce a new preschool program in August at the start of our new preschool year,” Whitley said. “We will be using the Letterland Preschool program beginning in August 2022.”

Letterland teaches phonics using a story-based approach. The logic of the story engages children leading to long-term retention of concepts. The approach is multi-sensory and activates learning through music, actions, alliteration, movement, singing, art games and role-playing.

“It introduces special techniques to help children understand how sounds and syllables work,” Whitley said. “I’ve done tons of research and virtual training and I’m so excited to introduce this new program this year!”

All graduating children will go to kindergarten.

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