MyHandler app extends coverage from South America to Europe

MyHandler App is a mobile application developed to transform business and general aviation by directly connecting pilots to trusted and trusted FBOs. Launched in July 2021, the app already has more than 140 airports in Central and South America with more than 100 participating FBOs and ground agents.

“The application has met with great success in all sectors of general aviation, in particular with air ambulance operators, aircraft ferry services, private pilots, airline flight services. business, AOC charter operators, NGO flights and even military users, ”said Lourdes Martinez Waldner, co-founder, MyHandler App.

Agustin Martinez Waldner, Partner and Co-Founder of Lourdes, added: “As a business jet pilot, I continually found it difficult to choose a suitable FBO and took too long to set up our processing requests. . The solution, we have developed the MyHandler application.

The multilingual app is very intuitive to use and allows pilots to easily book all available ground services including fuel, catering and hangar.

The MyHandler app is free for pilots. For the FBO, the platform offers a positive benefit / cost ratio, as the FBO only pays a fee for confirmed flights using its facilities.

“Customer reviews and ratings are very important to us. Pilots can rate the service provided by the FBO and provide feedback to help us improve service delivery. Ranking helps FBOs gain recognition for the quality of their service, ”said Agustin Martinez Waldner.

“Following inquiries from operators and FBOs in Europe, we have set January 2022 as the launch date for the MyHandler application in Europe,” added Lourdes Martinez Waldner.

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