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Fulgent and feathery

Club Elle

The world tours marked the holiday when Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bright White honored their debutant daughter Elinor “Ellie” Pitot Blanc in their home in Old Town Hall and in adjacent tented quarters. Memorable family travels around the world inspired the “Club Elle” theme. Renowned artist George dunbar stressed the value of such a trip to deb mother Virginie white, who took care. Deceased family members “Jane White, Tita and Popsie” were also featured in photos from their trips.

Even before arriving at the party site – and magnificent views (especially pleasing to Father Michael, as he is deaf) – guests were expecting something special, thanks to the invitation and its flowery envelope. . The outfit: “Black tie or white tuxedo” for men. “Ladies: sparkle and shine. And they did.

Immediate visual excitement came at the paparazzi-filled pink carpet entrance where friends and family were given libations. To receive, Virginie wore a Monique Lhuillier outfit; Ellie, Galvan; and Michael (and Michael Jr.), special “Club Elle” jackets. Features of the outdoor cocktail hour included a set of electric violins, all clad in thematic pink, vibrating in the white “trees” of the pillar; pink planters above the head; pink flowers of various hues covering the facade of the house; and a seafood frozen sea bass garnished with oysters, mussels, lobster tails, crab claws and shrimp. “Come Fly with Me” played on the sound system.

Synchronized swimmers led the party group to the pool, where they performed twice; Iberian ham and manchego cheese (St. James Cheese Company) beckoned home; and next to the living room a tent was decorated with pink velvet and floral fabric, a floral wall behind the mirrored bar and a Murano glass chandelier. Caviar was the edible attraction and Annabel’s in London the inspiration. The joyous movement then headed to the main tent and its art deco arches that created alcoves of seating supported by photos of family trips. The LED panel ceiling suggested Maxim’s in Paris, and an area next to the stage had seating for the family. Rhythm Collective kicked off the beat, followed by Az-Izz as the night hours passed. Dancing reigned.

Reminiscent of the family’s travels to the Mediterranean, the pool house area has been enhanced accordingly with rattan chandeliers, monochrome tropical wallpaper with palm tree patterns (Fine Finishes by E. Lee), and custom backgammon tables. Dining stations drawn to grilled octopus, squid ink pasta, squid salad and lamb. The “Club Elle” cups contained special drinks.

The ice room aroused a collective thrill of joy and memories of a club in Prague. Recreated by the White family for Crescent City, the room was filled with people wearing “Club Elle” parkas, reveling in the delicacies of the martini ice bar and lounging on sofas. They, like coffee tables, lamps, and art, were made of ice. Yes, all frozen! The whole space sparkled.

The revelers included the grandparents Hunter and Lynne White, Kathleen “Frog” and Terry White, Hunter White IV, the William Lieders, Peter Gibbons Burke, Mary Shea Burke, Adele Layrisson, Pearce Layrisson, Julia Cappel, the Paxtons and the Evans Whites, Mrs. Len Moscati, the Emanuel Benjamins, Caroline and Bo Reily, Willie and Megan Nelson, John and Dathel Georges, Storey and Anne Lynne Charbonnet, Pam Reynoir, the Matthew LeCorgnes, the John White, Anne White, the Terry Kavanagh, Elinor Bright, the Timothy Brights, Barry and Tina Kern and mark more.

To sate the late-night appetite, there were pizza, sliders, F&M cheese fries, and croque monsieurs, while the eye was drawn to performers wearing pink cotton candy wigs. Superlatives were the order of the day with compliments galore to Joel’s Catering, Caviar Girls, Lance Hayes Florals, Dunn & Sonnier and Urban Earth. The first credit for the menu, design and presentation went to AN.GLE Events and Margo Bouanchaud. Last thanks, of course, went to the White family and the honoree Ellie, who “packed” their pals and gave them a world-class, world-focused party.

Feather Pack

The theme just fell into place: “Girls with a feather”. And so it was with half a dozen debutantes, who came together for a long time and honored their friendship with a unique theme. Under the title of the ivory-colored invitation was a feather and, in aqua, the list of parents, who requested the pleasure of being in her company to “Celebrate Our Daughters”. The host consortium at the Civic Theater consisted of Ms. Vance Reynoir for Adèle, Dr and Mrs Claude Williams for Barret, Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Brown for Olivia, Sir. Murray Nelson and Mrs. Ashley K. Nelson for Julia, Mr. and Mrs. Sid Charbonnet for Christy, and M. Todd D. Reynolds and Dr and Mrs John Carradine for Lady. Adele and Lady are cousins ​​and therefore included overlapping guests, such as Michèle Reynoir and Kevin Clifford, with Caitlin, Myles and Porter Carrere. Joining Adele were brothers Jacques and Will Reynoir – the three Reynoir are triplets, as well as James and Erica Reiss and Sally Suthon. In Lady’s legion were brother Jack Reynolds, half-sisters Lucy and Stella Carradine, Grandmother Barbara Reynolds, and four Kohnkes: Rick, Richard, Sam and Helen.

Chromatically inspired by the invitation, the decor featured touches of gold, white and aqua with feathers, orchids, hydrangeas and palm trees. The lighting bathed the place. In shocking pink letters, “This Must Be the Place” glistened behind a white wooden bar. It was flanked by two banners topped with blue and white ostrich feathers and cascading crystal streams. Cafe tables were covered in rich teal-blue linens, and disco balls above their heads projected bursts of luminescence.

“We are planning several surprises for them,” says one of the mothers. True, the honored sixty was delighted with the feathered bird dancers, who greeted everyone, and the aerial performers dressed in white, who poured champagne.

Among the Brown brigade, there was deb brother S. Alex Brown, Grand parents Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Krieg Brown from San Francisco, the David S. Alonsos (also San Francisco), Margie and Raul Bencomo, Craig R. Dermodys, Dr. and Mrs. Philip J. Kahn, Holly and Guy Perrier, Lisa and Douglas Mills, and Edie and David Darragh. Deb sisters of Christy Charbonnet Sidney and Mary Lucy joined the party, just like Christopher Lane, Virginia and John Rowan, Gwathmey and Fritz Gomila, Kelly and Tom Duffy, and Lauren and Nathan Schrantz.

They and dozens of others enjoyed the performance of 12 Seasons Catering & Events and the signature drink with the thematic name “Bluebird Martini”.

Murray Pearce Nelson Jr., Julie’s brother, was noted as well as the grandmothers deb Julie Breitmeyer and Harriet Nelson, Susu and Andrew Stall, Aimee and West Freeman with Ella, and the Edward Parrs with Celia and Tyler. From the Williams family came the Barret sisters Charlotte and kate, as good as Christine Connolly, Ellie and Mark Edwards, and Erin and Teddy Conway.

New Orleans talent provided the scintillating sounds, starting with Plateau the violinist. Later, the big black curtain on the stage was cleared and featured group, The Phunky Monkeys, dived into their long list of songs and rallied the dancers to the floor, giving Adele, Barret, Olivia, Julia, Christy and Lady a musical flight of feathers. .

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