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TROY, NY – Popular local ice cream stand The Snowman is now under new ownership, with plans to open its 69th season next month.

Jim Pettit, Gene Coletti and Martin Keary bought the business earlier this week from former owner John Murphy, who ran it for the past 23 years.

The entrepreneurial trio is also the partner behind Old Daley Custom Catering, another longtime Lansingburgh-based business.

“Snowman is an icon in Troy,” said Pettit, who grew up in the same neighborhood.

“I’ve always lived within walking distance of this store,” the Lansingburgh native said.

For Pettit, owning The Snowman has been a goal he’s pursued for decades since the last change in ownership.

Plus, “It’s a childhood dream of mine,” Pettit said. “I’ve wanted this place since I knew how to eat ice cream.”

More recently, “When I heard that [Murphy] was selling, I immediately called him and told him I’d be interested,” Pettit said, “and I kind of knew I was going to buy it then.

Since Tuesday, when the deal was done, Pettit’s dream has come true.

Murphy, who sold the business in order to spend more time with his family, has agreed to help with the transition over the next few months.

He feels confident to send The Snowman into new hands. “It’s a great group of partners,” he said.

While customers and employees alike will certainly miss him, “It was a great deal for everyone and I’m very, very happy for the new partners,” Murphy said.

The new owners’ plan for the ice cream stand is to continue business as usual – “to do it the way it’s always been done,” Pettit said, noting that everyone’s favorite flavors will remain on the menu.

Pettit, Coletti and Keary are the fourth owners of The Snowman. It was founded by Tom Tully in 1953 and later bought by Troy businessman Don Baker, who then sold it to Murphy in 1999.

At that point, “Don Baker told me ‘Don’t change a thing,'” Murphy recalled, “and I didn’t change a thing.”

As The Snowman enters its next chapter, Murphy offered the same advice to new owners. “Keep it that way,” he told them. “It works like that.”

While the ice cream business will remain as is, on The Snowman’s property, the new owners plan to add a food truck that will sell tacos and burritos by Old Daley Custom Catering. “It’s going to be a pretty robust program,” Pettit said, explaining that part of the vision is more flexible and can evolve over time.

“We’re going to try a few different things,” he continued. “We’ll see what sticks and then in the future hopefully build a permanent building for whatever we’ve decided is the best menu.”

Looking ahead, “We’re just super excited,” Pettit said of acquiring The Snowman. “We think we will try to expand the brand to other places. We are looking at other sites, and I would really like to build another somewhere else. It’s a great brand. »

The Snowman, located at 531 5th Ave., will reopen on Saturday, March 12. After that, it will be open seven days a week for the 2022 season.

More information about The Snowman is available online at www.thesnowmanicecream.com.

Lauren Halligan – Medianews Group

Snowman Ice Cream will open next month for its 69th season. (File photo / Lauren Halligan – MediaNews Group)

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