Oldham Planning Inquiries Week ending January 9

Various planning requests have been submitted to Oldham Borough Council, and some decisions have also been made this week.

The list of applications received can be found below.

Planning requests received by Oldham Borough Council last week include:

  • Two storey side extensions with a pitched roof at 36 Spring Close, Lees, Oldham.
  • Front two story rear extension and rear dormer and replacement of the existing storefront with a residential style living room window and door at 70 Brompton Street, Oldham.
  • Change of use of part of the ground floor of the store building (USE CLASS E) TO 1 NO. Apartment, including external and internal modifications and the erection of a detached outbuilding to the rear at 1-3 Ladhill Lane, Greenfield, Oldham.
  • Retrospective application for 1) Two story side and rear extension 2) One story rear extension 3) One story front porch extension 4) Modifications to the bay window on the ground floor at 63 Oldham Road, Grasscroft , Oldham.
  • Side and rear extension on one level at 53 Knowl Street, Oldham.
  • Side extension proposed on the ground floor at 19 Lower Knoll Road, Diggle, Oldham.
  • Extension on the first floor side at 5 The Sycomores, Lees, Oldham.
  • Lateral extension of two floors and associated external modifications. New wooden fence closed at the side limit at 55 Miriam Street, Failsworth, Oldham.
  • Demolition of the existing rear veranda and erection of a two story rear and side extension at 19 Collier Hill Avenue, Oldham.
  • One storey side and rear extension at 32 Prestbury Drive, Oldham.

  • Single storey rear extension at 43 The Fairways, Royton, Oldham.
  • Single storey rear extension at 2 Severn Road, Chadderton, Oldham.
  • Conversion of garage into playroom, hall and shower room at 12 Minster Way, Chadderton, Oldham.

Planing apps decIDed by Oldham Borough Council last week include:

  • Front and rear one storey extension and front and rear dormers at 10 Sholver Hill Close, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Two story side / rear extension at 21 Rydal Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham.
  • Two story side extension (demolition of existing garage on side) and one story rear extension to 299 Broadway, Chadderton, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Two story side and rear extension at 6 Crossfield Close, Shaw, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Single storey rear extension at 23 Hillside Avenue, Shaw, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Two story side extension and front balcony at 21 Highlands Road, Royton, Oldham. Allowed.
  • One storey rear extension at 23 Somerset Road, Failsworth, Oldham.
    Deny authorization.
  • One storey side extension at 1 Fitton Hill Road, Oldham. Allowed.
  • First floor side extension and two story rear extension at 32 Perth Avenue, Chadderton, Oldham. Allowed.
  • One-storey and two-storey rear extension and rear dormer at 27 Brompton Street, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Main floor front elevation bay window, front porch, roof modification from hip to gable, partial rear extension of the first floor and eave elevation of the rear extension of an existing floor at 129 Chadderton Park Road, Chadderton, Oldham. Allowed.
  • One storey side extension and entrance porch with associated works at 29 Saint Marys Drive, Greenfield, Oldham. Allowed.

  • Proposed hipped gable roof extension; front and rear dormers and two story side extension at 27 Chiltern Close, Shaw, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Removal of exterior wood siding from entire building and replacement with stone at Ambrose Lodge, Sandy Lane, Dobcross, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Demolition of the existing detached single garage and erection of a two-story front extension at 8 Heathfields Road, Uppermill, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Installation of a raised terrace to the playground and erection of a free-standing canopy / awning at Northmoor Academy, Rochdale Road, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Retrospective planning request for a change in use from a restaurant to a hot takeaway at 118 Henshaw Street, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Two storey side extension and one storey rear extension at 51 Saint Georges Square, Chadderton, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Single storey industrial unit at Pennant Industrial Estate, Pennant Street, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Refurbishment of existing units and proposal for a new access point to the Bower Street site at Howarth Timber and Building Supplies, Shaw Road, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Erection of 18 no. housing following the demolition of the existing building at Aspull Catering Equipment Ltd, Milton Street, Royton, Oldham. Allowed.
  • Change of use of the ground floor from office to two business units, change of use of the first and second floors from office to residential comprising 2 apartments and modification works including a new store front at 618 Oldham Road, Failsworth, Oldham. Allowed.

Full descriptions of the claims and decisions can be found by visiting: www.oldham.gov.uk/info/200351/planning/1866/search_for_an_application

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