Online food delivery giants Meituan and summoned for fierce price competition

A Meituan food delivery man File Photo: cnsphoto

Hangzhou’s market regulator convened online food delivery platforms Meituan and for talks on issues including price dumping competition and food safety on July 21, it said Thursday. the regulator.

Convened platforms are required to take responsibility for food safety management, and fierce low-cost competition from food and beverage enterprises is strictly prohibited, according to a statement released by the Hangzhou Administration for Regulation on Thursday. of the market.

Food security is closely linked to human life and health. Food delivery platforms must put food safety at the top of their priorities and fulfill their responsibilities in strict compliance with the law. Fierce low price competition is often accompanied by potential food safety issues. The restaurant industry should further standardize its operations, strictly prohibit vicious competition and not allow low-cost dumping to disrupt the market order, the regulator said.

The decision came after media exposed the food safety issues of Pinhaofan, Meituan’s group purchasing function for food delivery. The topic attracted 150 million views on Sina Weibo.

The incident revealed issues such as lack of oversight on the food delivery platform and lack of management guidelines on fierce price dumping competition, Hangzhou’s market regulator said.

The Hangzhou market regulator also required takeout food delivery platforms to carry out serious self-examination and corrections to ensure food safety and prevent malicious price dumping competition and other related issues. breed.

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