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When manufacturers of commercial catering equipment are looking for standard components with high quality styling and rugged ergonomic workmanship, they are likely to find the growing market leading Elesa range to be quite appropriate. Their extensive series of standard and custom deck handles is one example, and particularly compatible with ovens, combination ovens, microwave ovens and other countertop preparation and storage equipment. Typically holding with one hand while the other is occupied, these handles are also used on warming cabinets and freestanding refrigerators, which require high quality handles with concealed fasteners.

Manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment operate in a small and highly competitive market, a real niche where quality and design are major differentiating factors. This type of equipment requires handles that are simple, elegant, quick, easy to use and to clean, for doors and other openings.

The modern style of stainless steel and glass equipment requires compatible hardware that matches and incorporates premium production values ​​that ensure long life. They usually have to withstand several daily cleaning cycles, often using harsh chemicals and equipment, such as brushes, hoses, rags.

The Elesa EBP series bridge handles in reinforced technopolymer meet the need for a small bridge style handle and are also available in a sanitized version (SAN) with inclusion of silver ions. For lifting benchtop equipment or handling large removable panels, the EPR Series offers a simple solution with multiple color options.

When style and color are important, the larger ETH technopolymer and aluminum deck handles provide an ergonomic solution. For tougher stainless steel equipment, the Elesa GN 333.6 are highly finished and highly functional to match modern, clean kitchen equipment designs for all levels of professional installations.

These Elesa handles offer excellent haptic properties that are easy to grip quickly and provide a positive “feel” so the operator can be confident that the equipment will open and close comfortably, as intended, day in and day out.

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