Railways will resume on-board catering services, soon provide bed linen and blankets

Railways to resume on-board catering, soon to provide bed linen and blankets | Photo credit: BCCL

New Delhi: Indian Railways may soon restore on-board catering and other passenger amenities soon. Indian railways, which were closed during Corona, are slowly coming back on track. However, the amenities offered to passengers during the trip, which are very important, have not yet started, whether it is the food served during the trip or the mattress pads, blankets that are found in AC coaches. . According to sources from the Railway Board in Kundan Singh, demand to restart these basic facilities is in full swing. And, in this perspective, the Railways plan to start these installations soon.

The IRCTC, which provides catering services in the Railways, wants the catering service to be restored. So instead of packaged food, fresh food prepared in pantry fee can be provided to passengers.

Catering is the main activity of IRCTC, which has been closed for the past two years, in such a situation, it also expressed concern that due to the closure of the catering, there will be negative sentiment on IRCTC’s stock and this will affect its stock value. . IRCTC’s parent company, Railways, and the Ministry of Railways have a larger stake. Railways will also have to consider resuming catering service to avoid this loss. Here, the railways had investigated the catering service among the passengers.

In the survey of approximately 20,000 passengers, the first choice of 80 percent of passengers is cooked food and not the precooked mill that is currently served.

Here the committee was formed to look after the passenger facilities in the railways, PAC, that is, the passenger facilities committee, visited different stations and also collected feedback from passengers and railway workers. According to sources, the committee also took feeding bats from railway staff and passengers. People demanded the restoration of food services and the reintroduction of linen blankets on trains. The committee can also give its opinion on bed linen on trains before winter.

In the committee’s conclusion, the effect of the closure of the catering service also affected the employment of lakhs of people. According to one figure, there are about 5 lakh people, directly and indirectly, involved in catering.

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