Rubis launches a new technological system to deal with rising oil prices

French company, Ruby with a global reputation in oil trading operating in Rwanda has found a diversified solution to alleviate the oil shortage in the country.

New technology mixes oil with gasoline to provide additive fuel which, according to the Ruby makers will increase horsepower and fuel economy at no additional cost.

General Manager Jeanine Kayihura, said the company has developed a new Ultra Tech that will help car owners struggling with high oil prices buy at minimum prices.

“It’s a great day for RUBIS Energy Rwanda because we are the first to offer this service on the Rwandan market. Over the past three years, we have purchased Kobil and we decided to improve our performance for better service,” she said.

“Ultra tech cuts fuel consumption and cuts emissions,” she said, adding “that’s why we’re happy to launch it and the fuel comes at a reasonable price.”

Kayihura noted that the service was offered to customers after they discovered concern over rising fuel prices.

“If you have used 10 liters by Muhangait might fail because your engine is clean,” she said.

Ruby Energy has branches in East and Central Africa. The company also bought Konel Kobila company that also sells petroleum products with branches in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Zambia and Ethiopia.

Ruby now has branches in 18 African countries operating both in Africa, Europe and across the world through its RubyEnergy branches.

Over the past six months, Rwanda has seen oil prices rise due to instability in the oil market caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The latest market oil prices published by RURA last month indicate that prices have increased by FRW 1,359 to Rwf1,460 while diesel prices jumped from Rwf1,368 to FRW 1,503.

The regulator’s statement, however, further underscored the government’s efforts to subsidize oil prices.

For example, the regulator noted in a statement that the government has kept price increases at Rwf101/L for petrol and Rwf135/L for Diesel, instead of Rwf316/L and Rwf350/L respectively.

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