The Boathouse in Christchurch plan for caravan catering unit

A RESTAURANT has submitted a project to retain a caravan offering a takeaway service in the outdoor area of ​​its premises.

The Boathouse at Christchurch Quay installed the mobile outdoor service facility in March last year replacing the gazebo that had been on site since the start of the Covid pandemic.

The caravan is described as an ‘interesting and attractive’ addition to the Quay Road Restaurant’s existing offering.

The site has submitted a retrospective planning application to the BCP Council.

A statement as part of this request from Chapman Lily Planning Ltd said: “It is common knowledge that catering establishments have suffered from the lockdown associated with the Covid pandemic.

“While these restrictions are being lifted, the sector is still recovering.

“It is likely that, as we have lived with Covid for many years, some customers will still be wary of indoor seating.

“The unit supports the takeover of this important business and employer, and also provides the public with the opportunity to meet the needs of customers who do not wish to avail themselves of the indoor seated element of the restaurant at this time.”

The release says the caravan catering unit should be seen in association with the established hotel use of the Boathouse site.

He added that the venue is an “important component” of the leisure offer in its part of the town center and next to the open space of Quomps.

“The unit will enhance this offering and should therefore be seen as a positive addition to the function of the site and the contribution it makes to the function of the town center in this context,” the statement said.

The application is currently under review by BCP Council’s Planning Department.

Residents and other interested parties have until May 14 to comment on the proposal via the local authority’s online planning portal.

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