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While reaching out to share her love of always gathering around the table for family dinners, reader Elaine Endicott also asked me if any of her favorite West Virginia gems – the Café Cimino Country Inn in Sutton – was closed.

“If so, what a shame,” she added. “We love this place and it will be sad for West Virginia to be without it.”

Sadly, Elaine, Café Cimino did close some time ago after owners Tim and Melody Urbanic decided to “retire” to their family farm in Chloe. I say “retirement” in quotes, however, because you can still benefit from Chef Tim’s talents.

He spent free time during the pandemic adding a commercial kitchen to his farm, which is now home to the new Bop & Nana bakery and restaurant, offering delicious pre-ordered dinners and treats made with locally grown and locally grown ingredients.

Customers can select what they want from a changing menu of items, which will be delivered or available for pickup.

Special event catering is also offered, and the family farm is available as an outdoor location for weddings or other celebrations, complete with an authentic ‘West Virginia Red Barn’ and a pond with a fountain for great photo ops. .

For more information, call 304-532-5560 or visit the new entity’s Facebook page.

Another reader recently contacted me to ask me to get to the bottom of a potentially concerning situation he encountered at a popular local Vietnamese restaurant.

“Hello Food Guy, could you check to see if Yen’s Sandwiches in South Charleston has been sold or is under new management?” He asked. “The prices seem to have increased but, above all, THE BREAD IS NO MORE HOMEMADE! Your readers need to know if this is a permanent change! This could be your Pulitzer Prize story.

Oh, the horror, I thought. These fresh baguettes were part of what made their traditional (and tasty!) Banh mi sandwiches so addicting. And who am I to refuse a Pulitzer?

After digging a bit, I was told that the longtime owners were no longer around and had handed over the running of the business to other family members. So technically I guess the place is under new management.

I’ve heard of several issues during the transition – including inconsistent hours of operation and a few unexpected closings – but I’ve been told that customers can expect the same service, quality, and, yes, even to incredible bread in the future.

Fingers crossed this is the case. Let me know how you feel!

After the announcement last week of the glorious return of Nawab Fine Indian Cuisine’s ever-popular lunch buffet, several readers took part in the great Sitar vs. Nawab debate that I knew was coming.

While Charleston’s two Indian restaurants have their fans, most seemed to agree that Nawab comes out on top when it comes to the quality and taste of the food itself. This reader, in fact, has summed up most of the comments I have received.

“As always, I enjoyed another of your columns in the newspaper and I have to participate in the Sitar vs. Nawab debate,” he wrote.

“There was a time in one of his previous incarnations where Sitar hit the socks with their Indian food and I easily would have matched the food they were serving at the time against any Indian food I have. eaten anywhere, including outside the United States However, this latter group just does not seem able to maintain this level.

He went on to describe several specific cases in support of his cause – including far too many onions in dishes like Aloo Matter, Baingan Bartha and Chana Masala – which he said he himself brought to the restaurant himself on several occasions. .

“So over time I turned to Nawab and most of the time it’s pretty good and it’s my go-to spot for Indians once a week and sometimes more.”

Nawab is also my choice, but I’m always happy that the area has at least two Indian restaurants to choose from, whichever one people prefer.

Steven Keith is a food writer and food critic known as “The Food Guy” who writes a weekly column for the Charleston Gazette-Mail and has appeared in several state, regional and national food publications. Follow him online at or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as “WV Food Guy”. He can be reached at 304-380-6096 or at [email protected]

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