‘The market is just hot’: Rush for private jets spikes prices, seats are scarce | Local company

“I think some people have tried it once or twice and said, ‘Maybe we can make this work,'” said John Bales, director of aviation at Spirit of Airport. St. Louis.

It made sense to Doug Tieber, a retired Town and Country restaurateur who uses Spirit Jets to take trips with his family about every two months. “People are fed up with people arguing and fighting and hassles and cancellations at the airport,” he said.

The boom has raised some concerns: Passengers polled by industry tracker Private Jet Card Comparisons in July complained of two and three hour delays, billing errors and issues with food and drink from caterers . Amanda Applegate, a partner at aviation law firm Aerlex Law Group, said she received 10 calls just last month from clients unhappy with their service.

“In good times, I don’t get any calls or at most one or two every six months or so,” Applegate said.

Businesses say help is on the way. NetJets says it is hiring hundreds of pilots and spending $ 2.5 billion to buy more than 100 new jets by the end of 2022. Small businesses are talking to jet owners looking to lease their planes to take advantage of the boom.

“A lot of people are talking about chartering their planes to earn income and help offset their operating costs,” Retzer said. “I hope we will add to our fleet. “

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