The Toubia family catering and the Deux Olives restaurant are moving


The Toubia family is once again leaving Comotara Center at 29th and Rock Road, but this time it’s a friendlier departure for the new space they own.

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The Toubia family leaves Comotara Center again at 29th and Rock Road, but this departure is nothing like the previous one.

“COVID has really made this a dialogue with us and the owner,” said Joseph Toubia.

He and his aunts, Joumana and Randa Toubia, rented 5,000 square feet for their Two Olives restaurant and an additional 8,000 square feet for the banquet space.

“We are the ones who sparked this dialogue,” Joumana Toubia said. “It’s not a shock for the owner. It is not a shock for us.

The family purchased a 5,500 square foot building at 1540 S. Webb Road, just north of Harry and Webb Road.

Joumana Toubia said she and her family had considered all of their options.

“Moving was one of them. “

The family moved for the first time to Comotara during the lifetime of Joumana and Randa Toubia’s brother, Antoine Toubia, founder of Latour Management.

“It was built in 87, and that’s when we moved in,” said Joseph Toubia.

Over the years they have had space for banquets and their Olive Tree and Chelsea restaurants. In 2009, these businesses left following a dispute with the former owners of the center.

They returned with Olive Tree Catering and Two Olives in 2016.

Since the start of the pandemic, the question has arisen of what to do with the banquet space.

“It’s a point for both parties. . . at the transition, ”said Joseph Toubia.

“We are going to a beautiful space,” Joumana Toubia said, calling it “perfect for the projects we are embarking on”.

“We are making an investment,” said Joseph Toubia. “We’re taking the space, and we’re going to expand production capacity and continue our restaurant services and transition our Two Olives brand.”

In the short term, the restaurant will have street access and delivery only from the new space.

Joseph Toubia said the company has built a strong online structure since the start of the pandemic.

He said the plans are to remodel the new space and expand production capacity “to expand our existing services and reinvent new services”.

Joumana Toubia said they would take the changes in stages.

“The world… Has changed and we have to evolve with it,” she said. “There are great things on the horizon.

Wednesday is the last day for Two Olives to operate in the Comotara space.

Randa Toubia said Olive Tree Catering will not be interrupted with the move.

“Stay tuned for other on-going developments,” she said.

Denver-based property group Comotara has not commented on the restaurant’s departure, but has a deal for a new tenant. Look for news on this soon.

This story was originally published September 21, 2021 2:08 pm.

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