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Last I heard, Amada Records acquired five new magazine releases. According to the news, the acquisition is part of the expansion plan that Amada has been pursuing for some time now.

Magazines include some of the biggest names in the industry including Absurd Mag, Awkward Magazine, Vault Weekly, and Bossy Girl Magazine. All of these magazines will be used for promotional purposes and extensive marketing campaigns.

Amada Records has been working hard on expansion and looking into several new areas. Recently, its CEO, Eric Jones, also announced the restructuring of the company to meet the needs of entrepreneurs.

This decision has been welcomed by many people and the company officials are motivated enough to strategize for the company’s procedures in accordance with its CEO’s plan. Additionally, she has also ventured into offering discount radio shows and promotions.

The sources wanted to get more information about this incredible acquisition as well as different markets and therefore secured a close and personal interview with Amada executives. According to the information received, the acquisitions were made strategically with the idea of ​​entering new areas.

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