Tulsa Restaurant Makes DoorDash Top 100 List

Tulsa restaurant is nationally recognized on DoorDash’s list of America’s Top 100 Most Popular Restaurants

Lambrusco’z Deli and Catering Market is Oklahoma’s only restaurant to make the cut as a top-rated customer favorite.

Less than one percent of DoorDash restaurants make the list.

Lambrusco’z owner Nancy Bruce said she didn’t know at first until the lines started reaching the door.

You’ll find Lambrusco’z on 41st and Peoria, a grocery store that’s been serving Tulsa for 37 years.

Restaurants achieve “Most Loved” status with DoorDash based on several factors. This includes low cancellation rates, correct orders, short waiting times, number of monthly deliveries and high customer ratings.

This data is collected for one year and restaurants must maintain their ratings. Lambrusco’z is 4.9 out of 5.

Bruce said when the news came out last week, she started preparing.

“I called my staff on Thursday night and said we all had to get to work early in the morning and be ready,” Bruce said.

The next day the lunch rush nearly doubled in time with non-stop customers.

Additionally, the restaurant broke its daily record for DoorDash orders.

She said the service helped businesses significantly during the height of the pandemic, when more people wanted food delivered to them.

“We probably reached a lot of people that we never would have reached otherwise,” Bruce said.

Bruce said several family restaurants, like Lambrusco’z, made the list.

She is honored to be part of several other small businesses.

“It’s nice to be recognised. My staff work so hard. I made the rules, but they all follow them and do a great job. So that made me quite proud,” Bruce said.

She says this great recognition for her restaurant is significant.

But the work continues and they will continue to serve sandwiches and smiles.

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