Turkish Airlines reintroduces the chef on board

Normalcy has been a difficult thing for a year and a bit. Turkish airlines are looking to make their business class offering a bit more normal with the chef on board back on board.

The chef’s return aboard Turkish Airlines (and in the real world, they’ll have face covers, too) – Image, Turkish Airlines

The chefs on board returned to long-haul airline routes from May 1.

The onboard chef offers flights of 8 hours or more, allowing Turkish Airlines passengers to enjoy dishes prepared by the airline’s dedicated flying chefs, providing the feeling of dining in a restaurant, above the clouds.

According to the airline, The Flying Chefs, selected by the airline based on a diverse set of culinary skills and focused on customer service, are responsible for cooking and overseeing the preparation of food using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

Catering had to be adjusted in 2020, however, in April 2021 Turkish Airlines resumed full premium menus prepared with fresh ingredients, through its world-renowned catering brand, Turkish DO & CO.

What to cook?

Turkish Airlines sent a sample menu (electronically… no kindness in my post unfortunately). They include

Breakfast specialties:

  • Honeycomb from Erzincan, “kaymak” curd from Afyon, tomato spread and spicy Anatolian peppers
  • Grilled flat pastry “Gözleme”, stuffed with cheese and spinach
  • Cheese and tomato omelet with sautéed mushrooms

  • A selection of regional cheeses: matured cheese (Kars), “Ezine” (Çanakkale), with marinated Turkish olives, dried figs and apricots

Dinner specialties:

  • Turkish grilled meatballs with sautéed zucchini and roasted red pepper bulgur pilaf
  • Grilled swordfish skewer, mashed potatoes with celeriac, Tuscan vegetables
  • Traditional varieties of “Dolma”, grape leaves and zucchini stuffed with ground beef and “Karniyarik”, eggplant with ground beef, tomato sauce and yogurt
  • Turkish homemade “Manti” dumplings with ground beef, tomato sauce, yogurt
  • Grilled lamb chops with polenta pancake and ratatouille

  • Sea bass in papilotte and julienned vegetables
  • “Karniyarik”, traditional eggplant stuffed with ground beef, buttered rice
  • Grilled chicken skewer with bulgur pilaf with grilled tomatoes and peppers
  • Rigatoni with homemade tomato parmesan sauce

Catering and hot meals on board on all business and economy class flights over two hours and 15 minutes in flight.

In quotes

The Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines, Mr. Ilker Ayci commented,

“Over the past year, we have had to make many adjustments to our product and service offerings to protect the health and safety of our passengers and employees. Our award-winning catering service and Flying Chefs program are a hallmark of the airline and we are happy to reintroduce it to our customers around the world to make the flying experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Reintroducing the differences in the passenger experience

Each airline has its own way of providing services and ways of highlighting its methods of doing so. The idea of ​​the chef on board is innovative for premium passengers who, in theory, can have a dish prepared from an onboard menu.

With airlines being quick to make cuts during the pandemic, it’s good to see some airlines taking the initiative to improve the on-board experience and reintroduce premium facilities to their passengers.

Meal Image – Turkish Airlines

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