What are the top 10 challenges when hiring catering equipment for an event in London?

The restaurant market in London is competitive. Yet it is highly lucrative, with contracts for top-notch organizations still in demand.

And the truth is that London is full of fantastic professional catering companies, all vying with each other to produce the best culinary creations for their customers. The taste of food, the way it is presented, price and service are all key elements of any catering business pitch, and so standards and innovations are constantly being pushed to new levels.

In this article, however, we take a look behind the scenes of catering equipment. While many professional caterers have their own catering equipment that they transport between venues. This is not without its problems, of course, as different catering events are likely to require different catering equipment. In addition, you must first buy it, clean it and maintain it, which has a cost.

Therefore, many caterers choose to go the catering equipment rental route, as it is usually a simple, economical, temporary and hassle-free solution. They can even have it delivered and picked up at the catering location. And, with the internet providing suppliers at your fingertips, let’s face it, hiring catering equipment in London has never been easier!

That said, there are certain challenges and things to look out for when hiring catering equipment for events in London, so read them below, which will hopefully save you time, money and more. money and effort when the time comes.

Determine what you need

The venue may already have on-site catering facilities that you can use, and your chef may be able to guide you as to what you need. Suffice to say that different catering events require different catering equipment! Take an accurate inventory of the rental gear you’ll need in advance – you don’t want to pay for a kit you don’t need.

Space issues

London is notoriously short on space, and temporary kitchens in historic and iconic locations are even more so. Even if you rent the catering equipment you need, is there room for it all? A prior visit to the site will certainly help you determine which space you should play with.

Rising costs

Fuel and labor are just two of the costs that are rising right now. Both of these can impact the price of your rented catering equipment – even if you received a quote 3 months ago, that doesn’t necessarily mean that price is still valid. You will need to check with your rental company!

Transport availability

You cannot have failed to notice that there is also a shortage of new trucks available as well as heavy truck drivers. This is partly due to the COVID pandemic as fewer new vehicles can be produced due to a shortage of components. All of this can potentially lead to supply issues from your rental company, so it’s always best to check your arrangements!

Get everything in one place

Simplify your life and order everything from the same catering equipment rental supplier. Why? Because if you don’t, you’ll find yourself trying to coordinate multiple deliveries and collections, multiple invoices, and having to deal with multiple touch points. Find a supplier who can provide everything you need, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Ensure the good condition of catering equipment

It’s all well and good to choose catering equipment from a photo on a website, but will it be in good working order and clean, ready to use instantly? Indeed, many sites in London will require a PAT certificate for electrical appliances and an LPG certification for gas appliances. Make sure this is the case by asking your rental company well in advance.

Choose a trusted provider

Long-term supplier relationships are always a bonus, but not always possible. You need a catering equipment rental company that will show up at the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment, the first time. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

Access to the place

Some of London’s event venues are historic and iconic buildings. This is ideal for your guests as these buildings are full of character and interest. For suppliers and contractors, however, they can be a nightmare in terms of access and loading/unloading. Working with a London-based catering equipment hire company can help, as they will likely have supplied your room on previous occasions, so will be familiar with any access restrictions etc.

Speed ​​of table service

you might think that the temporary kitchen will be next to the dining room in many of these places, but that’s often not the case! So, in addition to commercial catering appliance rentals, remember that you will need food storage equipment such as warming cabinets and jackstacks, to help keep food at its optimum temperature between kitchen and the point where table service takes place. , as well as tray carts and jacks to help with subsequent cleaning.

Cleaning after your event

After a busy service, you then have to clean all your catering equipment, ready to be sent back to the rental company. Look for a company that offers a “dirty return” service, so you have the option of not cleaning it and just returning the equipment as is. Yes, it will cost you a fee, but when you’re out of breath and just want to save yourself a job, it might just be money well spent!

So here are some challenges you might face when hiring catering equipment for London venues. Advice on the best catering equipment hire is fine, but ultimately working with one of the many catering equipment hire specialists in London will ensure you have a smooth experience and you and your team will be able to focus on what you do best: producing an exciting and memorable catering event that will be remembered for a long time.

Good luck!

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