“With these new premises, we have been able to double our capacity”

Fruit trading company Fruchtgarten Bayreuth recently moved to a completely new location. “We now have a total area of ​​2,500m2, approximately double the capacity of the old site. About a quarter of this area includes the cold storage area, while the rest operates primarily as a cash store. -and-carry, which was also much smaller at the old site,” says Managing Director Marco Kübler.

In recent years, wholesale has become an established point of contact for restaurateurs and retailers. In addition, a delivery service and a fruit basket service are also operated, which is why the move was a logical and necessary step. Kübler says: “Our basic assortment has expanded significantly during the pandemic; in addition to fruits and vegetables, we now also offer a selection of catering supplies, packaging materials and specialty items such as flour. The basic conditions for future growth were simply lacking at the old location and the lower capacity also meant we had to buy more frequently, which in turn meant more effort and higher costs. »

Left: Marco and Liyana Kübler run the company together
Right: the facade of the company’s new headquarters

Gastronomy recovery & extreme price fluctuations
After the difficult pandemic years, demand in the catering sector has picked up, Kübler continues. “The order situation is extremely good, but what is a problem for us and especially our foodservice customers are the extreme price fluctuations. Snack bars have to constantly update their slips, because they expire already in a month. as restaurateurs, must be very careful not to miss a price increase, which in turn comes with increased pressure in our daily activities.”

Italian stone fruits are currently trading at a brisk pace.

Price increases are widespread, according to Kübler. “There are simply no noticeable discounts. In the past, you could sometimes sell tomatoes for 2 euros/case, but such extremely low-priced promotional items have now become an absolute rarity.

Regionality and seasonality
Otherwise, regional gastronomy has increasingly embraced the fundamental values ​​of regionality and seasonality, observes Kübler. “The modern restaurateur tries to make his menu as regional and seasonal as possible, but sometimes it’s difficult. For example, the asparagus campaign ended exceptionally early this year, with the last regional products arriving in early June.

Supply situation of foreign products remains tense
However, when it comes to foreign products, sourcing is all the more difficult, he said. “The supply of raw materials – especially for Asian products – is currently very slow. Since we also source our supplies from importers, it is probably difficult for us to assess the factors to which the tense situation is attributable.

For more information:
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